My New Campus – Centre of Excellence in Stafford!

The front of Blackheath lane work

I was given the opportunity this week to go around the Blackheath Lane campus and look at all the work that was being done there. Seeing as this is where I will be taught for the rest of my time here at Staffordshire, I jumped at the opportunity!

The front of Blackheath lane work

Before being shown round, I had to wear all my safety gear due to health and safety reasons! I then got to meet John Hanna (Project Support Manager / Clerk of Works), who would be showing me round. He oversees work taking place at Blackheath Lane for the university, so it was great as I would be able to ask him a lot of questions regarding what is happening to the campus.

Annrose and John talking about the building work


View into Blackheath Lane's building work

Being shown around was really fun. I enjoyed finding out what the plans were and I was very impressed with the progress.

Builders installing ethanet cables Annrose being taken on the tour

Things planned for Blackheath Lane include a dedicated library space/study area, with rooms for private study. This is so good as prior to the re-vamp the only study space was a tiny room!

Project plan for the Blackheath Lane work

Other things include skills labs with a lot of equipment to help aid practical sessions. There are also lockers where you can place your valuables if you are in skills labs all day!

The new lockers now available at Blackheath Lane

I hope that I can go back to the campus soon as see how things have progressed even more! I am really excited by my new campus and I think all health students should be too!

Annrose in the Blackheath Lane Building work

Before ending this post, I want to thank Kris Winpenny for taking these photos and allowing me to use them, Judy O’Brien for providing me with a brief overview with what’s happening and John Hanna for showing me around!

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