Getting Cold Feet

People running on a treadmill in the University gym

I have a confession to make. I’ve well and truly avoided running for the last few weeks. After my last blog I started to get a cold, and feeling run down – quite literally. So I decided to give myself a break to get back on top – life is about balance after all.

I was also struggling with the trainers I had as my foot was landing awkwardly and causing pain in my shin, so I invested in a pair of Adidas Ultra Boosts to support my running challenge. However, now I’m struggling with the thought of getting my trainers back on – I’ve well and truly got cold feet.

There’s something quite daunting about the thought of knowing I have a 13 mile stretch ahead of me in a couple of months, the thought gives me knots in my stomach.

Still not having made it past 5k at Parkrun, a few have said that I should “just wing it!” at Potters ‘Arf Marathon, and although I know I can walk needs be, I’m rather competitive. I’m hoping adrenalin will carry me through but my main concern is not being able to make it.

Excuses come easy once you’ve stopped: “I’ll wait until the weather is nicer.” Or “It’s been a long day, I’m tired.”

I’m now a week behind on my programme on the Nike running app, I should have ran a total of 14 miles last week – I didn’t even run one.

It’s time to get refocused and remain that way! So I’ll be jogging on over this weekend to try to get back up to speed!

There are lots of running events to get involved in around the city this year, check them out at:

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