Pokémon GO Mania!

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Pokemania is back and it’s taking the world by storm!

Now those are the words I wasn’t expecting to ever hear again but to my surprise the past week or two, kids around the world have been living the life of a Pokemon Trainer while adults of all ages (me included) have been dusting off their old Pokemon games and VHS copies to relieve their childhood.

Finally, fans old and new get to be Pokemon Trainer for real, and I really do mean for real.. or as real as we will ever get it. Thanks to modern technology, we get to use our smartphones to capture Pokemon for real in the wild (or in our case… outside.). Now, two weeks since the release of the game, no one expected Pokemon Go would become the most used smartphone apps in the world.

The game got so popular that even today, the servers are crashing due the amount of Pokemon fans wanting to sign in and be the very best… (Okay, I promise I won’t sing the theme.)

Even though the game has had quite the popularity amongst old and new fans, it has received backlash from thieves using the GPS system in the game to target children and rob them of their belongings and of course the news circulating the internet regarding a teenager killing his brother because he thought he deleted the Pokemon Go app from his phone… (You really can’t enjoy anything nowadays, can ya?)

I have been playing the game for the last few days now and I personally found it an enjoyable experience. I have played many AR (Augmented Reality) games in my time but it has been fun albeit stressful (due to the continuous servers crashes). FB_IMG_1468693150699

Do I believe that the game has a future? Maybe… I really do hope that this isn’t a short lived trend as there is quite a lot of potential in the game. Ever since the release, the game has already had a positive impact on an autistic boy.

It’s news like this that makes the world go  round and I hope it’ll continue to be successful in the weeks to come.

All of you Pokemon Trainers out of there, pick up your smartphone, snap back your cap and go and ‘Catch’ Em All!’ (I couldn’t help it…)



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