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People running on a treadmill in the University gym

I for one have a love/hate relationship with working out, especially going to the gym so I’ve taken to working out at home as you can still see great results without a gym. So if you’re like me and don’t like travelling or you just don’t have the time, here are some great tips to make the most of your workouts:

  1. Cardio- I’m naturally slim so my goal is to gain weight. For those that want to gain weight you need to be doing less cardio as opposed to someone that wants to lose the weight. a HIIT routine twice a week if you’re looking to gain weight will be perfect and if you want to lose weight then double up on that amount. I personally use fitness blender on YouTube for great cardio workouts.

    Fitness Blender Website
    Fitness Blender Website
  2. Make note of your workouts- Making note of the workouts you do will help you to challenge yourself as your body will get used to routines quickly and you’ll begin to see results at a slower pace. Aim to increase your reps and sets at least every 2 weeks so your body doesn’t get used to your workouts.
  3. Allow time for recovery- Doing an hour long workout everyday is a big no no. That can actually hinder your progress as your body isn’t being allowed time to rest and can also result in injury. Little workouts everyday is fine but aim to have one rest day maximum. You should be working out at least 3 times a week to be able to see some good results.
  4. Protein- Protein is very important when it comes to working out. If you’re not able to get a great deal of protein in your diet, protein shakes and bars can really help. As I want to gain weight, 3000 calories a day is my ideal which is impossible for me to reach with food alone which is why I drink protein shakes to get those extra calories in and also help with my recovery time after a workout. For someone trying to lose weight you definitely do not want to be aiming for 3000 calories but something much less.

I hope these tips have been very helpful and good luck on your workout journeys!

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