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One of the best things a student, or any person even, can do is to be organised and stay that way! It is easier said than done and I know this because I am one of the most unorganised people ever! However, I have decided that it is time to get myself into an organised state, which will help with my sanity and hopefully yours too! So here are a few tips that can help you stay organised!

Set goals

In order to be organised, you should set goals of things you want to achieve. this is a good idea if you’ve got a certain assignment or exam coming up. Or if you want to be organised in life in general, by setting goals you will know clearly the things you want to do. From there you can start thinking of ways to get to where you want to be. Goals can be short weekly tasks and longer term goals, but writing them down will help you achieve what you want.

Keep a diary/journal

This is so important! When you have a diary or a journal where you write all that you have to do in, you will use less time worrying and thinking of what you have to do. I have recently brought a daily journal as I noticed that I wasn’t using my diary every day. I got this diary from Urban Outfitters and so far I am enjoying using it. There is a lot of space to write things I need to do and it just helps me to stay organised. 

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Use sticky notes

Keep them around your room, on your phone, anywhere! This is the main way I display and remind myself of things I need to do. When I am out, I tend to use an app called ColorNote which has a calendar and a notepad section. It is a free app and I find it very easy and handy to use.

ColorNote app

Eat well/Drink well

This is a no-brainer really! If you eat well, you will be more energised to stay organised! Also, keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water!

Keep organised and those assignments and things you want to get done will be finished in no time.

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