Travelling between Stoke-on-Trent and London, is it easy to do or really expensive

London Eye

I’m a big fan of travelling and exploring different places, this has been massively helped with the train station only two minutes from campus. Not only have I traveled to London I’ve also been to lots of different places around the U.K. such as Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Northampton, Coventry, Newcastle, Hertfordshire and many other places. BUT.. London has to be my all time favourite place to visit, hence why I moved there after university. My advice would be to get a railcard or join a bank that gives you the option to have a railcard within their package deal.

Before I purchased a railcard the most I’d pay for a ticket to London would range between £9-12, as soon as I got a railcard ticket prices were reasonably cheaper ranging from £5-8 and as a student that helps A LOT. I even have the option to buy Virgin Train tickets at really good prices so I can get to places quicker.

Whilst in London I can use my railcard for discounts on transport because getting to places outside of some zones can be quite expensive. Having an Oyster card is handy and as a student you can buy a student Oyster card. #PERKSOFBEINGASTUDENT.

So get out there and go exploring.




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