LFW: How we got papped!

All strapped up with my Nikon firmly on my hands, my nifty fifty bouncing in my bum bag.

I was ready. Okay, physically yes! Emotionally? Ha. It was like a first date. Jitters from wondering if this was really happening and the what ifs plagued me. It never came to mind that one day, I would be covering the street wear scene in one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Yet when we reached 180 strand the bold white letters that read ‘London Fashion Week 16th – 20th February’ were a pinch from reality.

It was happening.

Not only did my friend and I get papped, but I had the front row seat to the very place where industry professionals fully expressed themselves, and without further ado.

The Top Tip for the season.

How to wear one colour

Cocoa Mocha featuring Boohoo             











Co-ords are back but save the stripes and florals for spring, winter is all about rocking one solid colour. While black or white maybe your immediate turn to, a dash of colour adds an edge to your outfit. This seasons’ colours are deep sensual reds, mint greens, cocoa mocha, all shades of yellow from lemon to mustard, and hints of purple.

For LFW Valentino red was my muse.

credit: Akash Maru
minus the jacket, I had planned to wear without the jacket but it was too chilly.

The trick to wearing a sole colour is playing with shades and texture, in this instance a red suit trousers (H&M) and a woollen jumper (New Look) were complimentary.  You don’t have to break your bank account to achieve the look, start with a matching item you already own.

Why not give green a go?

Note: A mint green shirt would complete the look, but for those that a warming up to colour white is just as good.

Make sure to @nomncube on IG with your one colour OOTD or if you are still feeling experimental ‘Accessories those eyes!’, my latest article on ‘The Nom Express.’


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