Student lying on a bed in Standard accommodation

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

January 15, 2015 Joe 0

I have a deadline tomorrow morning. Why am I not doing the work you say?! I have finished. Too many people leave their work to the last minute and end up rushing it and not […]

Female student ambassador holding a campus tours sign at an open day

Getting a Job at University

January 15, 2015 Joe 0

Getting a job whilst at university is something I would strongly suggest. Not only does it give you more money for socialising and buying new clothes it gives you great experience and makes you more […]

2 groups of students sitting together around laptops doing work

Friends and Family whilst at University

January 5, 2015 Joe 0

I wanted to write about relationships back home whilst living away at university. Some people go home more than others, if at all, but personally I travel home about every 2/3 weeks on a weekend […]

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Introduction to Joe

December 10, 2014 Joe 0

Why did you choose your subject/course? Though it wasn’t my strongest subject I really enjoyed Graphic Design at school so decided to study a BTEC in GD at college.  During my years at college I […]

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Introduction to Annrose

December 10, 2014 Annrose 0

Why did you choose your subject/course? I enjoy helping other people, and I am passionate in empowering women (which is all that midwifery is about) Why did you choose Staffordshire University? It is very good […]

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Introduction to Emma

December 10, 2014 Emma 0

Why did you choose your subject/course? I chose Journalism because it thought that it would be an interesting course, and I also believe that journalists play a vital role in keeping the public informed, which […]

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Introduction to Charlize

December 10, 2014 Charlize 0

Why did you choose your subject/course? I did volunteer work at my Auntie’s nursery and found that I loved working with children. I also chose this course because I naturally have a way with children. […]

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