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  • An evening at the pictures
    Does anybody say ‘the pictures’ anymore? Well, that’s where I went on Tuesday; at the Stoke Film Theatre on the College Road campus for the independent German film, Victoria. This is not the sort of film you get down the … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: English and Creative WritingPublished on 27-05-2016
  • Big Book Swap Picnic 12th June
    Join us in Hanley Park on Sunday 12th June from 12 til 2pm for the  Big Book Swap Picnic! Bring your picnic and join your neighbours for free activities for all ages on the theme of books! We’ll have words, games, costume making, stories, family learning, crafts and more!… ... read more
    Blog: University QuarterPublished on 27-05-2016
  • Reflection on UCAS Conventions so far…
    Thinking of going to university? Not sure which university to pick? And nowhere near to identifying a course to study? Whether you are clear on these questions or not, you’ve probably heard it many times, research is key and UCAS Conventions are a great place to start. Held at universities… ... read more
    Blog: Getting Ready – Student support for UCASPublished on 27-05-2016
  • Is the EU anywhere near getting its own army?
    Is the EU anywhere near getting its own army? David J Galbreath, University of Bath and Simon J Smith, Staffordshire University As part of a warning by a group of former military officers that the European Union undermines the UK’s military effectiveness, former General Sir Michael Rose expressed concern at… ... read more
    Blog: EU ReferendumPublished on 27-05-2016
  • Summer!
    Summer is nearly officially here and I can’t wait! I’ve finished University and all I’ve got to look forward to for now is the celebrations. If you’re also finished please tell me I’m not the only one that still feels like they have work to do (lol!). Right now I… ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 27-05-2016
  • Psychology and Sport and Exercise degrees at Staffordshire continue to rise up the league table for a third year in a row
    Both Psychology and Sport and Exercise degrees at Staffordshire University have moved up the 2017 Guardian League Table for the third consecutive year running, demonstrating that Staffordshire offers some of the highest ranked Psychology and Sport degrees in modern Universities in the UK. Psychology rose two places to 47th firmly… ... read more
    Blog: Sport and ExercisePublished on 25-05-2016
  • Wild animals Sue Jenkinson Recently the news has included some starting information. Following on from a freedom of information request sent to every council in the UK it has come to light that there are some alarming animals being kept in private homes up and down the land. ( Some… ... read more
    Blog: LawPublished on 25-05-2016
  • Creative Communities Unit: Tea and Cake afternoon.
                 Tea and Cake!   Come and join us in L214, Flaxman building, College Rd,ST4 2DE. 2-4pm on the 15th June. Please let us know (mail: creativecommunities) if you are dropping in, so we can be sure to have enough cake! If you would like to donate a cake(s) to sell,… ... read more
    Blog: Creative Communities UnitPublished on 25-05-2016
  • My first year – What have I learnt ?
    So my first year here at Staffordshire University is almost over with only coursework to submit and exams to complete and I’ll be on my way to my second year. I’ve learnt and experienced so much this year, knowledge I’ll take forward, experiences I’ve learnt from and mistakes to build… ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 25-05-2016
  • European Referendum In or Out?
    The EU referendum, it’s something we’ve all heard about, should we stay or should we go is the phrase on everyone’s lips. On 23 June everyone who is of legal age to vote will be able to say whether the UK stays in the European Union or Leaves the European… ... read more
    Blog: EU ReferendumPublished on 25-05-2016
  • The European Referendum Whats Going On?
    23 June is the day when the United Kingdom vote on whether to stay or leave the European Union. This is a debate which has gathered many interested parties, some who believe the UK should leave the EU and some who believe that the UK should stay in the EU. Personally,… ... read more
    Blog: EU ReferendumPublished on 24-05-2016
  • Entrepreneurial skills benefitting Sports Therapist
    Twelve months on from graduating in June 2015 Sports Therapy graduates Natalie Jones, Sophie Minor and Kate Highy are all reaping the benefit of the entrepreneurial, business and transferable skills at the heart of its programme design.  On completing their studies all three of these graduates took the first brave… ... read more
    Blog: Sport and ExercisePublished on 23-05-2016
  • Guardian University Guide 2017
    The second big university league table of the year, the Guardian University Guide, was published today, one which the compilers say is the most student friendly,as it focuses on subject level scores in more detail, and measures things that are of importance to students. In other words, research is not a… ... read more
    Blog: Mike HamlynPublished on 23-05-2016
  • Normal service is resumed?
    After a quiet time on the wonk front, last week saw the publication of the White Paper and two new reports on employability of STEM graduates, announcement of a Higher education bill in the Queen’s speech, and the launch of the technical consultation on the Teaching Excellence Framework, not forgetting… ... read more
    Blog: Mike HamlynPublished on 23-05-2016
  • Moving In….Moving Out
    Moving in, I can guarantee it’ll be the first thing on everyone’s mind mid-august/start September. For first years it’s what do I need, quick google a list of what to take to university or send mum to Wilkinson’s or Tesco to get all the kitchen equipment you need. Well I’ve learnt… ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 23-05-2016