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  • Staff Research Conference 2017
    Staff Research Conference 2017 23 May 2107 9:00-17:00 Staff Research Conference 2017 Agenda Book your place at    ... read more
    Blog: ResearchPublished on 26-04-2017
  • Digital Forensics Portfolio Board Quality Standards Project
    Claire Gwinnet at presenting to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC)   at a  Digital Forensic Network & Learning Event  this week entitled ‘ Digital Forensics and ISO 17025’. Claire Gwinnet presenting on a a validation study for ISO accreditation. – this is an all police forces event invitation ... read more
    Blog: Law, Policing and ForensicsPublished on 25-04-2017
  • 5 Self-Care Tips for Deadline and Exam Season
    As we come up to the most stressful and important time of year, as students we need to recognise when to take breaks and look after ourselves. Safe to say that this most commonly happens around this time of year, and of course we all want to do well in ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 25-04-2017
  • Breaking News: no leeway on speeding limits.
    You may not be aware but currently under the law, you are liable the minute you exceed the speed limit and subject to the possibility of receiving a speeding ticket. If you are travelling at 31mph in a 30mph limit, 41mph in a 40 you are liable. Many experts have ... read more
    Blog: Law, Policing and ForensicsPublished on 24-04-2017
  • Worries, questions and queries about coming to University
    Worries, worries, worries. Coming to university can be quite stressful and you have 1001 things going around in your head. It’s been 2 years since I came to university and my worries have long since gone, however I wanted to be helpful to new students as I still remember how ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 24-04-2017
  • Making Miller: four fortunate features
      Aidan Flynn   In January the Supreme Court gave judgment in R(Miller and another) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.  The fact that this important case came about is due to four particular features of the process adopted to exit the European Union.  Taken together ... read more
    Blog: LawPublished on 24-04-2017
  • Make a Difference in Policing
    From Professor Andrew R W Jackson Arguably, an evidence-based revolution is underway in British Policing and you could be part of it. This blog outlines: the basis of this revolution; a briefing founded in this revolution that I co-presented last week to senior leaders of Policing in Staffordshire; opportunities for ... read more
    Blog: Law, Policing and ForensicsPublished on 21-04-2017
  • So how can Snapchat be worth over $20 billion?
    Snap Inc, the parent company behind the disappearing images app Snapchat, has just floated on the New York Stock Exchange at $21.44 per share valuing the company at around $20 billion (yes, billion, not million dollars), making the founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy multi-billionaires. Not bad when you are ... read more
    Blog: Business SchoolPublished on 21-04-2017
  • Moving away to university
    First day on campusSo, it is only a few short months until September and for some of you reading this, that means moving away from home for the first time. Moving away to university is one of the scariest things I have ever done BUT it is one of the ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 21-04-2017
  • Make Friends Before Meeting ‘Em – The New Students Facebook Group
    Starting university is scary. That’s a fact. It’s a huge thing to do that brings on a lot of changes; and big changes, at that! And, let’s face it, one of the scariest parts has to be the people! Meeting new people was definitely my biggest fear when I was ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-04-2017
  • Young People and Politics
    So folks, it looks like we’re going to be having another general election in the not so distant future. Let’s talk about that… As of writing this, the announcement that there will be a general election on the 8th June came earlier today, and of course, there is a general uproar. Whatever ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 19-04-2017
  • Finding the Balance
    When you’re an independent student, no matter what level you’re at, I think one of the biggest things to manage is finding balance within your life. It can be finding the balance between many things such as your studies, social activities, your part-time job and just taking care of yourself ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 19-04-2017
  • 5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
    It’s the time of the year where millions of deadlines are creeping up…essays, exams, presentations…the lot! Avoiding your work by doing things such as scrolling through social media, playing games or watching TV will not only lessen the time you have to do your work, but in the long run ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 17-04-2017
  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
    ‘‘If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.’’ – Nora Roberts There comes a time in your life where you have to make a decision that’ll change ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 14-04-2017
  • Student Accommodation – An Interview with my Housemates
    Today’s post is a little different. As I have done a few posts on living away from university and living in student accommodation, I thought it would be interesting to get the views from other people. So I decided to interview my two housemates and ask them questions about what ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 13-04-2017