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  • Path to Success: How to Become a Senior Partner in a Law Firm
    Many graduates aspire to become a senior partner in a law firm, playing a lead role in the direction and growth of the business. Depending on its size, this usually involves heading up a department and a wide range of other duties such as business development and marketing. Like others ... read more
    Blog: Law, Policing and ForensicsPublished on 28-06-2017
  • Our work with Schools and Colleges
    Our Education academics regularly work with Schools and Colleges on projects to enhance the learning experience of students and promote their progression into further study and work. Read below for updates from our academics about activities they have been undertaking with young people across the region, including: Maths Jam for ... read more
    Blog: Life Sciences and EducationPublished on 27-06-2017
  • Key visitor information and recommended markets
    If you are studying or living in Stoke on Trent  here are the key information sources for whats on and where to visit Our twitter feed for all things tourism and events @tourismsu  Visit Stoke and on twitter @VisitStoke Visit Newcastle … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: Business SchoolPublished on 23-06-2017
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Care
    On 12-14th June 2017 the International Learning Collaborative (ILC) on Fundamentals of Nursing Care met for its 9th annual meeting. ILC is a member-based organisation, set up in 2008 to bring together like-minded healthcare and nursing professionals, academics and leaders to transform the way we deliver care in high ... read more
    Blog: Health and Social CarePublished on 22-06-2017
  • Mental Health Nursing in Sri Lanka
    Shannon Flowers, Mental Health Nursing student at Staffordshire University   As a student mental health nurse at Staffordshire, I’ve always wanted to explore another healthcare setting and have been particularly interested in seeing how mental health is viewed in a developing country. As well, like many students, I’ve also been ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 22-06-2017
  • Final Year Film Student Leads Advertising Campaign
    Final year Digital Film & Post Production Technology student Giorgia Perini leads the advertising campaign for bag company Jump From Paper with her video ‘Heatwave’. The project was shot entirely within our new Cadman Studios on College Road, and was part of Giorgia’s work towards her final year project, with ... read more
    Blog: Computing and Digital TechnologiesPublished on 21-06-2017
  • On the English and Creative Writing degree at Staffs we are dedicated to demonstrating to our students that the best writers are also well-informed readers. The conventions that shape literature go back to the epics and tragedies of ancient Greece … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: English and Creative WritingPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Will I make friends?
    One of the biggest fears everyone has when they start somewhere new is whether they will make friends. This tends to be magnified when moving home where you don’t know anyone at all, like those who are preparing to start their first year at university. One of the most asked ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Looking back at my second year of university
    A view from the science centre of the Leek road campus, both of which have been my home for 8 months!So, for me second year of university is now over and I thought I would have a little look back. Second year certainly steps up a gear from first year ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Informal Visits Before A Job Interview
    An informal visit is when you have a look around a potential place you’d like to work and speak to a member of staff. Here are some reasons why I think it’s a good idea to arrange an informal visit before that job interview. 1. It helps you to get ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Staffordshire’s Hidden Gems – Oatcakes and Milkshakes
    As my time is coming to an (unfortunate) end at Staffordshire University, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite places with you. Over the three years here I have discovered a lot of cute and affordable places. Today, I am sharing with you a local ice ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Digital Careers @ Staffs Uni
    Ahead of the event, click here to find out how Staffs Uni is helping prospective students get hands on with the latest and best computing hardware and software. ... read more
    Blog: Computing and Digital TechnologiesPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Call open for #YES17 – deadline 9 July
                      Take part in YES17 this autumn and spend three days immersed in developing enterprise skills; thinking creatively to produce innovative solutions to major challenges; and discovering how to communicate research with impact. YES is a must for postgraduate and postdoctoral ... read more
    Blog: Graduate SchoolPublished on 20-06-2017
  • Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving Into Student Accommodation
    Early May marked the end of my first year at Staffs, and subsequently the end of my student accommodation experience. It was interesting to say the very least and not without its ups and downs. But what can you expect from shared accommodation, particularly when everyone living there has probably ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-06-2017
  • How Volunteering Can Help YOU Get Ahead!
    So, you’ve always done your best in your exams, but you can’t help but feel there’s gotta be a way to sell yourself on top of that, right? A way to benefit other people whilst bulking your CV? There is! Give volunteering a go! Volunteers come in all different forms ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 20-06-2017