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  • District Nursing Origins
    The Queens Nursing Institute celebrated 150 year of District Nursing back in 2009. Few people realise that the origins of District Nursing go back so far, indeed prior to the establishment of the National Health Service in 1948 and the outbreak of war. In fact, you have to go back ... read more
    Blog: Health and Social CarePublished on 20-06-2017
  • Here’s to the Man in Manufacturing
    Did you know that Volkswagen manufacture over 10.3 million cars per year, employ 600,000 people world-wide, shape 2,600 tons of steel every day in their Wolfsburg plant, are 96% automated in their production, produce 32 parts per minute on their … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: Business SchoolPublished on 19-06-2017
  • Do not waste your time with useless SWOT analysis
    How to conduct a SWOT analysis perfectly to boost your assignment! SWOT is a simple and popular tool for businesses – everyone knows it. You can find it in a lot of assignments – business students conduct several SWOTs during … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: Business SchoolPublished on 19-06-2017
  • Ember Lounge means ‘family’
    Hello! Now, have you ever come across that old saying that university ‘are the best days of your life’? You see many graduate’s yearning for the university days, wishing they had the opportunity to relive their ‘glory’ days at uni. I can assure you by ‘glory’ days, they mean… clubbing, ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 19-06-2017
  • 10 Tips for Starting University
    I am about to graduate university so I thought that I would share a slightly random assortment of some tips and advice that I have gained over these three years! Some of them are just general tips for anybody starting university and some are specific to Staffordshire University. Don’t get ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 17-06-2017
  • The Election Results! – #TheYouthVote
    Hello! It’s finally over! The grand ‘General Election’ that has left everybody in the UK on the edge of their seats has finally come to an end. But let us finally take a breather and take a look at the results… Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all ‘preachy’ ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 16-06-2017
  • Service-user and Carer Group Involvement in Social Work Programmes Academic Year 2016/17
    Social Work Programmes at Staffordshire University The University offers a range of social work programmes at both pre-qualifying and post-qualifying levels. We deliver a BA (Hons) Social Work; this is a qualifying undergraduate degree, available as full time or part time. The full time route is delivered at Stoke; the ... read more
    Blog: Health and Social CarePublished on 16-06-2017
  • Father’s Day – The Ideal Present?
    Hello! With Father’s Day being just around the corner, it is imperative that I find a gift that my old man would like. Which leads me to ask? What is the ideal present to give to a dad? Well, look no further my friends… for I, Jaspreet Singh have a ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 16-06-2017
  • New look Sports Coaching courses launch from 2017
    Every 5 years the University goes through a process known as ‘revalidation’. The purpose of this revalidation is to scrutinise the suite of courses offered by a department to ensure the courses uphold academic standards, are in-line with industry requirements, and most importantly offer the best opportunity to learn for ... read more
    Blog: Sport and ExercisePublished on 16-06-2017
  • Quality – from laboratory bench to hospital bedside
    Ian Davies, lecturer in Biomedical Science and course leader for Healthcare Science, has just been selected to be part of the Q Community – a diverse and growing community of professionals with experience and understanding of improvement and committed to improving health and care across the UK. Founded by the ... read more
    Blog: Life Sciences and EducationPublished on 15-06-2017
  • Gender Inequality in Pay
    Rhonda Hammond-Sharlot LLB LLM Sols Gender pay inequality is well recognised, and it certainly is not going away. Despite commitment at National and International levels, the gap has dropped very little since it became a main stream debate in the 1950s. There are a raft of theories as to why ... read more
    Blog: LawPublished on 15-06-2017
  • Erasmus International Staff Week – 13th to 17th Nov 2017- Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
    For the week of  13th to 17th November 2017 Staffordshire University cordially invites, to our Stoke-on-Trent Campus, academic/teaching and professional staff from our International Partners with special interests in the following: career services and entrepreneurship in Higher Education with emphasis on employability … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: Business SchoolPublished on 13-06-2017
  • First year perspectives from Cathryn Hurd
    What a Year! It might sound strange calling a blog post “What a Year” in the middle of June but my academic year has recently drawn to a close. Today I received the results of all my hard work, tears, … Continue reading ... read more
    Blog: English and Creative WritingPublished on 12-06-2017
  • What went wrong? A psychologist’s view
    David Clark-Carter, Professor of Psychological Research Methods Prof David Clark-Carter What lessons can be learnt from the 2017 British general election? The picture seemed obvious at the time the Prime Minister called the election:  the next election was due in three years’ time, which could be inconvenient when trying to ... read more
    Blog: Election ExpertsPublished on 12-06-2017
  • Staff, Student, Mother, Student, Staff?
    What it’s like being both sides of the campus! by Sharon Lees Which head is on first today? I’m staff this morning, studying over lunch and a student in a practical this afternoon, and staff again later clearing up a different practical. Working full time in the School of Sciences ... read more
    Blog: Law, Policing and ForensicsPublished on 10-06-2017