Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 – All Dayer – Part 1

In previous years we have carried out our award winning All Nighter Enterprise Challenge – this year we switched to an All Dayer Business Ideas Generation event, with Joy Marsden leading supported by the Be Inspired team, staff from the Business School and local organisations including Stoke City Council.

Joy starts the day


Here are some of the teams

Still Carol’s Favs including Kelly Jansen @KellyRJansen95, Ryan Harrison @RyanAHarrison94, Danielle Barnsley @barnsdanielle, Henry Greentree @henrygreentree, Yalin Lin and Xinquan Wang.

Carols fave's

Thinking hard with Chris’s Angels – Chris Thomas @Ctonetwotv, Alana Horne @AlanaHorne, Harriet Jackson and Natalie Rice.

Chris's Angels

We’re the right tools for the job – Alex Cross, Charlene Barret, Shannon Dean, Nelson Okoyomo @staffsbsociety and Hannah Seera

We're the right tools for the job

Some of the support team from Make it Stoke Staffs

Danielle Boulton Make it Stoke

and Mark Price, Stoke on Trent City Council.

Mark Price Stoke City Council

All photos by So Visual – two graduates who started their business under the Be Inspired Scheme here at the University – great work Sam and Ollie!

More in part 2

Part 3 here