Winning student teams at #GEW2016

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the All Day event and showed the resilience to stay until the end! This was a test of ideas, team working and the ability to keep going to get the job done. This is just one of the opportunities for students to bring information and ideas together from different topics and to apply what has been learnt on the courses.

Thanks to the other judges including Clair Hameed (Be Inspired), Sarah Holinshead (Stoke City Council Business team) and Sian Dunning RBES

First prize to Team Diversa – Pavrina Barring, Callie Gouveia, Kirsten Mills, Danielle Nugent, Sayyed Hashemi

First prize at GEW2016


Runners up prize – We’re the right tools for the job – Alex Cross, Charlene Barrett, Shannon Dean, Nelson Okoyomo and Hannah Seera

Runners - up at GEW 2016


Third Prize – Team Fiyah – Ismaeel Ahmed, Nisha Bansal, Davies Murtah

Third Prize


Thanks to Clair and her team for organising the All Dayer – see more of their Be Inspired Programme and opportunities for student and graduate businesses here. 

All photos by SO Visual a business started under the Be Inspired programme whilst at the University.

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