Do you want to co-curate with us?

We would like to invite our research groups to identify researchers who will create their own curated pages showcasing their research. Below is a short how to guide and some examples.

Any questions and if you need a bit of help with putting together a curation, contact either Agata or Carola.

Here is a list of our current example curations. that can be used as a template.


Example Curations:

Getting into Culture 3.0: cultural engagement, place-making and co-creation

Curations: How to Embed using our Media Template

Welcome to C3 Curations


What is a Curation?

This showcase allows us to use different types of media in a narrated form, allowing readers to explore and delve deeper into research topics that C3 members are engaged in. This a curation can include films held on YouTube, twitter discussions, images or an image gallery, as well as an embedded pdf of – or a link to – an article.

The analogy is a mini-exhibition, or a curated mini-special issue, making use of multi-media elements that both demonstrate and explain the underpinning research of our practice.

How to Embed using our Media Template

Below are some examples of how to embed different media files, in order to develop curated pages for the C3 Centre Showcase.


1) YouTube

If you have your videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, use the link from the video and embed into word press by copy and pasting the URL using Embedly plugin or YouTube block. Example is below. You can embed whole playlists or single videos.

Below the playlist:

…. and here a single video.



2) Images

Add an image or an image gallery and then insert images as needed.You can also first upload images into the media gallery and then create an gallery from a selection of images from the gallery.

NOTE: please do be aware that we have limited storage space, and that the images are stored on our servers, so if you can reduce the size of images, without too much loss of quality, that would be good. Alternatively, chose a smaller number of select images to tell your story.

Gallery using Easy Image Gallery

… or a single image.



3) Podcast List using Podcast Player embedded

You can embed a single podcast, or embed a list of podcasts. Copy and Paste URL using Embedly.

Episode 5 – Interview with Catherine Gough-Brady Taming Your Inner Artist's podcast

Today we talk to the fabulous Cathering Gough-Brady as we delve into moving from industry to academia, standing up for yourself and ever so slightly bending the rules.To find out more about Catherine – – Link to Filming the Non-Human lecture from Catherine Gough-Brady as a part of the Rebellious Research seminarAs ever to cite:Coleclough, Sharon; Lulkowska, Agata (2023). Episode 5 – Interview with Catherine Gough-Brady. figshare. Media. to Dr David Revill for allowing us to use the composition HariHara which is heard at the start and close of the podcastZane Forshee for allowing us to use his wonderful rendition of David's piece. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Episode 5 – Interview with Catherine Gough-Brady
  2. Episode 4 – Interview with Neil Fox
  3. Episode 3 – We're a Baaaaaad Influence
  4. Episode 2 – Rob Marsden Interview
  5. Why the Hell Did We Call this Podcast Taming Your Inner Artist?