Children’s Behaviour and Screen Time

The relationship between children’s behaviour and preferred screen based content

Although children are spending increasing amounts of time engaging with screen based content, especially TV content and apps running on smartphones and tablets little is known about how different types of content might be associated with children’s behaviour. Investigating the type of content that children choose to engage with (i.e. their preferred content) and their behaviour characteristics will provide some insight into this. It is hoped that this will lead to further research which will be able to investigate more closely the extent to which different types of content may increase or decrease certain types of behaviours.

We are currently looking for parents of children aged between 3 and 8 years to complete an online questionnaire. This involves answering questions about their child’s behaviour as well as their preferred TV programmes and apps.  The study takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and there is the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of two £20 Love2Shop Vouchers.

To find out more details about taking part please click here