Meet the Keep Talking Community Researchers

The Keep Talking Community Researchers are a creative lot!  Jennifer Spice loves to write poetry and has written a short poem about each one of our team. All of the poems should be credited to Jennifer Spice unless otherwise stated. 



Chloe has a razor sharp mind,
advocacy is her favourite bit.
Standing up’s over rated…
see made us all smile,
she is also quite a wit.
Along with Chloe, always comes Fleur,
a beautiful Labrador with silky, black fur.
Soft and gentle is she; she’ll nuzzle your palm;
she looks after Chloe; keeps her safe, keeps her calm.




Mattie arrived, via Asist;                     multiple needs didn’t stop him- he did persist.                                         Throughout the process we’ve seen him grow
In confidence…helps produce a show.       He’s a gentle giant, caring and kind;     don’t let his piercings – blow your mind.



Simon, or Bamf,
as to some, he is known,
studies jackdaws,
and wears, cool shades,
when at home.
An Expert Citizen, is he;
by peer mentoring
shares with others,
shows how to ‘sail
their own sea’.



Rebecca, or Bex, as affectionately known,
is caring and sharing; to us she’s shown
that family, faith and job as well
can be juggled successfully
to still have time,
for Community Research because
she thinks it’s fine.
Been with us, right from the start;
throughout that time, been all heart.




Rose volunteers for E. C. 
She writes, makes friends,
cares much, makes tea.
She has a son, just the one,
and welcomes each
and everyone.
Laughs happily,
with ease.






Jennifer called me generous – I see her in my mirror
She called me modest – I see her in my mirror
She called me a stalwart friend – I see her in my mirror
She called me an inspiration – I see her in my mirror
She called me a Shamen – I see her in my mirror
She said she was lucky to have met me – I see her in my mirror
She is a pillar of the group – I love to rest against it.

(Credit: Lotika Singha)




Louise is a student at Staffs Uni;
She joined the group at the start,
It helps her complete her degree;
she also has a big heart.
Her placement in work is in debt;
Saltbox is where she is based.
She has a 19 year old son….
Never, not with that young looking face.




Ros been with C. R. since day one
interviews, analysis, data – she’s done.
She works well, as part of the team
Civil Service’s loss, our gain,
it would seem.