Create Place


CREATE PLACE is a leadership programme focussing on mid-career creative and cultural professionals. This leadership programme focusses on place-making for both heritage & arts organisations. We welcome applications from creative and cultural professionals that have a specific interest in placemaking and co-creation.

Important terms in our cultural approach are co-creation, co-production and co-curation. The programme will pay attention to the socio-economic contexts of second-order cities, including their usually rurally dispersed communities, and their need to attend to locality-specific, narrative-rich partnership work to engage hard-to-reach communities.

This programme is free for successful applicants, thanks to Arts Council’s Transforming Leadership Fund.

  • Are you a creative or cultural professional with a passion to lead on cultural or creative work, with some experience (ca 2 years) leading work?
  • Are you an aspiring creative or cultural leader passionate about the place-making potential of your practice, interested in co-creating with fellow artists and communities?
  • Are you a sole trader operating between the for-profit and not-for-profit and wanting to elevate your practice to the next level?
  • Are you an artist still early in your career but in need of management and leadership training?
  • Are you a professional in the library or heritage sector with aspirations to lead on projects involving creative approaches and the arts?
  • Are you passionate about your region and how arts and culture can transform lives of those communities around you?

This programme was created by a network of cultural leaders based in North Staffordshire and Cheshire East and creative organisations with a remit for sector development. This programme is supported by Arts Council England. CREATE PLACE is a free leadership development programme focussed on allowing you to be part of the growing community of cultural leaders. It offers essential management, leadership and cultural production skills, one-to-one coaching and live embedded experiences, benefitting from the 16 cultural partners in the consortium. Participants will form a close peer network and have direct access to  leading cultural organisations.

We want to support and invest in the future of our cultural & creative placemakers; the people who will innovate, develop and contribute to the narrative of our places, making our cities and regions feel like vibrant, lively, cultural places to live and be creative.

Apply now, realise your potential and be a leading part of your region’s creative and cultural story.