About the Programme


The programme is currenlty delivered remotely across three two-day virtual residentials with some optional events taking place in Stoke-on-Trent. For dates, see  https://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/createplace/key-dates/

Sessions will run between 9/10am-6pm on all days listed under key dates and commitments.

Our programme will deliver cohort-based training sessions. A cohort’s provision will last 6 months and includes three intensive two-day sessions. In short, these sessions will provide knowledge and skills in leadership essentials, including creative leadership; leadership models (incl. conflict resolution); human centred design in audience development; co-creation & partnerships; diversity / inclusivity (incl. unconscious bias training); resilience & sustainability; metrics & impact; governance & management; social enterprise; national & international contexts; the power of glocality.  Each six-day course is complemented by three underpinning self-guided, structured activities: a) action learning sets; b) applying/experiencing coaching; and c) live-embedding.

Each cohort will be made up of a maximum of 15 participants. There will be masterclasses delivered by experienced professionals from the consortium and a key feature of our programme are specific sessions called Roundtable Challenge Sessions. These provide a networking-rich learning environment in which everyone, both emerging and experienced leaders are part of various learning journeys for understanding ways forward in resolving specific challenges.    




Please note this is not an artistic development programme. The programme is for emerging leaders in the creative arts, heritage, cultural or library sector who are looking to develop their career by allowing creative practices to drive co-creation and placemaking. We are looking for future inspiring creatives who

  • are committed and passionate about arts as well as their regional communities,
  • have worked within the arts and cultural sector for at least 2 years, having gathered some experience in leading projects,
  • have a serious desire to impact the cultural sector and inspire social change through the arts,
  • feel a need to move their career to the next level,
  • are willing to reflect, develop their skills & behaviours and are open to learning new ways of working.

The programme will celebrate and reflect the diverse achievements of our diverse creative and cultural talent, so will actively seek to grow diversity in the sector.

Please note that this programme caters for

  • aspiring creative and cultural leaders
  • freelance practitioners with the potential to take up leadership roles
  • sole traders who are both artists and operate as a business
  • people early in their careers who need leadership and management training
  • people early in their careers who have leadership aspirations and need support and guidance to shape their career

The programme does not specifically cater for

  • already experienced executive leaders: CREATE PLACE leadership training caters for the broad mid-section of needs, e.g. from aspiring leaders through to emerging leaders to newly established leaders. This is unlikely to cater for those established executive leaders with substantial experience in leading their organisations.
  • governing board members who want to learn about vision setting, managing executive officers and/or succession planning: Governing Board training is not considered part of the devised training programme. There will be a short session on leadership and governing boards, but this is devised to be only a small element of the CREATE PLACE Leadership programme.