Case Studies

This features community arts projects that have created empathy, compassion and understanding across geographical divides. Many thanks to everyone who contributed their experiences – we hope that people will find insights and inspiration within these projects.


The Hanley Bus Station project, involving people undertaking to tell the story of Lidice and having a silver disc with their initials and day of birth attached to a sculpture at Hanley Bus Station. Featuring Public Artists Nicola Winstanley and Sarah Nadin.


Lidice Children’s Memorial

Sylvia Klanova tells the remarkable story of her Mother, Marie Uchytilova, who designed the statue of the Children of Lidice. The statue is a highly poignant focus of the memorial site in Lidice, and attracts visitors from all around the world.


Moving Forward

The Cultural Sisters talk about ‘Moving Forward’: an arts and crafts project that took place in two locations in Stoke-on-Trent, and involved participants from all around the world. They talk about the ways in which the project connected people, and encouraged empathy, compassion and understanding.


Reading the Book of Freedom

The team at B Arts tell the story of ‘Reading the Book of Freedom’: a piece of theatre involving asylum seekers and refugees, that toured primary schools in Staffordshire to encourage empathy and understanding between cultures.

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