Preparing For Your Journey – New Students

Hello and Welcome to all new International Students from the International Student Support Team.  


We hope you are looking forward to your studies here at Staffordshire University and are excited to start the preparations for your journey.  



Over the next few weeks, we will be emailing you information about your journey to the United Kingdom. Below are some links to the first  in this series of pre-arrival information we will send to you.  This week we are focusing on “preparing for your journey”.  Included is a simple guide about booking tickets, accommodation and travelling to the UK. It is important you read through all this information because the travel guidance is different, depending on which country you are traveling from.  The earlier you start to plan for your journey the better prepared you will be.  

Below is a link to a PDF, PowerPoint and Welcome video. The PowerPoint is the same as the Welcome video but allows you to go through at your own pace.

Welcome Video can be accessed here:  

We have also have a PowerPoint webinar which can be accessed here

You can also scroll through the PowerPoint as you wish: Click here for PowerPoint

The team have also produced an easy to use guide about where Staffordshire University is, this can be accessed here as a downloadable PDF. Click here for PDF

If you are unsure on some things, why not take our quiz which should point you in the right direction? Click here for the quiz

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have by emailing

*Please Note: The teams link mentioned in the PowerPoint and Video will now be sent out to you when you arrive and enrolled at the university. This is due to GDPR laws. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or to email us.

Best wishes and Stay Safe

International Student Support Team

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