Horizon 2020 work programmes published by European Commission




The European Commission has started publishing drafts of some Horizon 2020 Work Programmes. These are now available on the official Horizon 2020 website.http://ec.europa.eu/research/horizon2020/index_en.cfm?pg=h2020-documents

Some draft Work Programmes for Horizon 2020 have now been made available by the European Commission. To date, these include the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, ICT, Access to Risk Finance, the ‘Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials’ societal challenge and the European Research Council.

The current drafts give information on the likely topics or actions for funding and the planned calls for proposals. Some indicate budgets and deadlines. For each topic, there are three sub-headings, the “Specific Challenge”, the “Scope” and the “Expected Impact”.

These are still drafts and changes can be made before the adoption of the final work programmes and their publication. The Commission is publishing these drafts to allow potential applicants to familiarise themselves with the main lines of funding planned ahead of the launch of the first calls, which is expected for 11 December 2013.

Calls will be published on the Commission’s Research Participant Portal, a new version of which is due to be launched in early December. 

The External Projects Team has produced a number of factsheets for the different Horizon 2020 funding streams.http://blogs.staffs.ac.uk/research/2013/11/11/horizon-2020-factsheets/


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