Latest news on the Health for Growth Programme

With a proposed budget of €446m the general objective of the Health for Growth Programme is to:- ‘work with the Member States to encourage innovation in healthcare and increase the sustainability of health systems, to improve the health of EU citizens and protect them from cross-border health threats’.

It is proposed that the programme will focus on the links between economic growth and health, and will concentrate on finding and applying innovative solutions to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of health systems.  It will support actions aimed at developing human capital and exchanging good practices in the following areas:-

  • Contributing to innovative and sustainable health systems;
  • Increasing access to better and safer healthcare;
  • Promoting good health and preventing disease;
  • Protecting citizens from cross border health threats.

The Programme will be managed by the Directorate General for Health and Consumers.  It will be delivered according to priorities set out in annual work programmes.  Funds will be made available in the form of:-

  • Grants for joint actions (transnational partnerships)
  • Grant to projects
  • Operating grants
  • Direct grants to International Organisations
  • Public procurement

The opportunities available to apply for grants for joint actions and projects and public procurement tenders will be of interest to the university.  The Programme will offer opportunities for HEI involvement in activities aimed at increasing the uptake of results from FP7 (and its successor Programme Horizon 2020) research; to participate in expert networks; to undertake research and analysis and in providing some training and staff development for health workers.

Publication of the first calls for proposals is expected in April or early May 2014.


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