Biomechanics Facility

The biomechanics facility within Staffordshire University campus, include a fully equipped biomechanics laboratory with ample space and a consultation room equipped for clinical use. Some of the services available at the lab includes:

  • Gait analysis through a state of the art 3D movement analysis system
  • Measurement of muscle activation using surface electromyography and dynamometers
  • Balance and posture analysis using pressure mat-based systems and force plates
    Study of interfaces between patients and devices or footwear using 2D ultrasound and thermal imaging
  • Mechanical characterisation of connective soft tissue using ultrasound indentation assessment unit, developed in-house
  • Mechanical Modelling of the plantar soft tissue using Finite Element Analyses
    Modelling and analysis of foot orthoses, AFOs, KAFOs and Footwear using Finite Element Analysis
  • Foot pressure analysis using in-shoe pressure measurement systems, pressure mats and a pressure mat-based walkway
  • Universal Testing Machine (Instron) to assess the mechanical behaviour of footwear, orthotic and prosthetic components and other structures
    Rapid manufacturing and testing of prototypes using 3D printing facilities
    Safety hoist systems and a virtual reality test treadmill to conduct experiments with elderly and people with physical disabilities
  • Laser Speckle Image analyser to visualizes tissue blood perfusion in the microcirculation of the plantar skin.