Problem-based Learning Approach

Problem-based learning (PBL) includes inquiry, practice and case-based learning where the focus is on students individually or in groups finding solutions to real-life ‘messy’ problems. The tutor’s role is to support and facilitate learning. this video aimed at students summarises the way that PBL works at Maastrict University:


  • Boud’s approach to PBL = presentation of real-life problem, identification of learning needs, research, review solutions to problem and reflect (Boud & Feletti, 1997)
  • Harvard University’s approach to the case method includes group discussion of a complex case or scenario

Further Reading:

  • A range of technologies and tools can support PBL (Savin-Baden, 2007)

The ideas for technology enhanced learning activities below use a range of tools and are based on the Best Practice Principles.

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