How to add media into a blog post

By Kris,

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Adding media into a blog post can really help the user understand what you are talking about. This can be videos, pictures or audio clips everything which related to your blog post can help.

So how do I add these onto my blog?

Pictures are the easiest of all three media formats to add into your post.

  1. Make sure you are allowed to use the picture [copyright information link here]
  2. Just above the blog post editing space is a button called Add Media
  3. Here you can either use the file directory to upload your image or drag and drop the photo from a file on your computer (depending on your preference)
  4. When the image is uploaded give it a useful name and alternative text. All images need these two things labelled correctly to help all users who would be reading your blog.
  5. When you have labelled them correctly scroll down the screen – give it a location on the post (Left, Right, Centre, No Allign), change the link to “no link” and amend the size to what you require. From 1000px x 300px for a full post width to 150px x 150px thumbnail size.
  6. Click insert into post – this will bring you back onto the post editing screen where you can move the image around.

Videos and audio clips.

There are two options with video and audio clips for uploading these onto your post. The first is to follow the steps as above for images and insert them into the post.

The second is that you can embed videos from Youtube/Vimeo and audio from soundclould. To do this you need the embed code from either site.
Change the post editer option from Visual to Text and then paste in the code.
Change back from Text to Visual.
On the visual screen you should now see either a grey box for video or a soundclould image – you can move this around the post to its exact location by dragging and dropping it.


Important things to remember

Only upload media that is going to bring value to your post. There is no point adding in pretty pictures/videos because you think they look nice if they have nothing to do with what you are writing/talking about.

Only upload media which you have permission to use! [Copyright information here] If you are ever stuck for an image of university / from around campus then remember to use


If you have any questions then please do ask