What should a blog post look like?

By Kris,

Hard hat on the timber in the music studios

A blog post should start with a full width image, such as above (1000px x 288px). The image needs to relate to what you are talking about – more specifically to what you have put in your title. It will be the first thing anyone will see of your blog post when they have clicked through from social media/other pages. But remember that you can only use images which you are allowed to use. Copyrighted images will cost you (or your department money in the form of a fee – for more information click here)
So you’ve got an image which you are allowed to use what do you do next? We’ll in the same way as this post has been laid out you write your blog post. Although I say write, this is become this post is in the form of written copy (text) your content can be in a number of different formats;  Video, Audio or Pictorial. You also do not have to stick to just one type of content through your post. WordPress allows you to add in different media through your post in a similar way that you would on Microsoft word [Links to other training blogs from here]

Jaz taking a tour around the Cadman building workNo matter what content you decide to use, remember to

a) Keep it relevant but interesting – there’s plenty of other things online or around us that will distract the user if your post doesn’t interest them or it doesn’t make sense.

b) Posts do not have to be massive academic essays – the average blog size is 200 – 600 words, just enough to talk about the subject but not so much that the user thinks you are writing an academic assignment to be graded.

c) Only use media which you are allowed to use – do not break the copyright law. If you are ever in doubt then ask [Link to Copyright information / digitalmarketing email address]