Research News from Staffordshire Business School Feb 2023

Staffordshire Business School was ranked No1 in the Million+ group of universities in REF2021 – you can see our submission on the national results website here and for Business Schools across the sector there is an analysis by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (we ranked 51st out of 107 overall and 16th for Impact).

Our previous research blog for Feb 2022 is here

We are looking to grow capacity and increase collaboration both within the School and across the University. To aid this process we have made a series of small grants from the new Business Research Centre

Small Collaborative Research Grants

1. Drivers and outcomes of digital marketing activity

Dr Joe Hazzam, Paul Dobson, Vicky Roberts, Dr Bharati Singh

Lead: Dr Joe Hazzam – Value £1,800

2. Exploring factors leading to augment destination tourism in the northern areas of Pakistan using digital channels

Dr Muddasar Khwaja and Carol Southall

Lead: Dr Muddasar Khwaja – Value £2,400

3. Exploring the development of Islamic financial technology in South east Asia. A sentiment analysis

Dr Syed Zaidi and Dr Muddasar Khwaja

Lead: Dr Syed Zaidi Value – £2,400

4. Job rotation and the inclusive labour market

Prof David Etherintgon and Duncan Adam

Lead Prof David Etherington value £2,000

Early Career Research Grant

Exploration of the long-term links between innovation, exporting and productivity

Ema Talam Value – £500

Ema Talam passed her PhD viva in January with minor corrections. Congratulations!

Ema Talam - a new PhD student in the Business School
Ema Talam – recently passed her viva with minor corrections

Bids in the pipeline

Prof Geoff Pugh, Prof Jon Fairburn, Prof Mark Gregory – Digital Stoke – submitted to the Productivity Institute

BA Newton International Fellowship 2022, Harsh Mittal and Prof Steven Griggs, Movement In and Of Policy: The Spaces and Temporalities of the Sustainable City in India and UK, under assessment.

Goods Yard Longitudinal Evaluation, awaiting programme approval – Prof Steven Griggs and Prof Jon Fairburn

ESRC Local Innovation Partnerships – round 1 – submitted in January 2023, led by Birmingham University – Prof Stephen Griggs is part of the submission

Projects in progress

Project pump-priming: Promoting the creative sector in de-industrialised economies: a comparative study across three European countries (with colleagues from Balkan universities) Prof Geoff Pugh, Prof Jon Fairburn, Ema Talam

Association for Public Service Excellence – national survey of councillors – Prof Stephen Griggs

Local Skills and Improvement Plans – Prof Thomas Lange (for Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and UK Govt)

Evaluation of Enterprise Education – Staffordshire Chambers – Ema Talam


Carol Southall (2023) “Decolonising the tourism curriculum – Experiences of faculty in Asian transnational education contexts.” Critical Tourism Studies Asia Pacific (CTS3). Venue: British University Vietnam (BUV), Hanoi, Vietnam

Nyakudya, F. W. (2022). The effect of gender and resources on entrepreneurial activity. Paper presented at the International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 27-28 June 2022, London, UK.


Beel, D, Russell, B, Jones, I R, Morgan, K and Jones, M (2022) Research Report: North Wales Growth Deal. Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD).

Talam E, Pugh G and Fairburn J (2022) A review of the potential for R and D tax policy to support the Creative Industries. For West Yorkshire Combined Mayoral Authority.

Etherington, DJones, M, Telford L, Harris S and Hubbard, S (2023Families on the Brink in Stoke-on-Trent: How austerity and the cost-of-living is driving poverty and destitution. Project Report. Staffordshire University.

Peer review papers

Hazzam, J., Wilkins, S., & Strong, C. (2022). The impact of social media technologies on organization cultural intelligence and new product development in international markets. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management,

Wilkins, S., Hazzam, J., & Ireland, J. (2022). Servicescape in transnational higher education: the effects of campus design, physical environment and facilities on student experience and satisfaction. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education,

photo of Dr Joe Hazzam
Dr Joe Hazzam has published several papers

Wilkins, S., Butt, M., Hazzam, J., & Marder, B. (2023). Collaborative learning in online breakout rooms: Effects of learner attributes on purposeful interpersonal interaction and perceived learning. International Journal of Educational Management. In Press

Ibrahim, B., Hazzam, J. (2023). Investigating the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Intention to Follow Advice: The Mediating Role of Active Participation and Benevolence Trust. FIIB Business Review. In Press

Dr Muddasar Khwaja and colleagues have successful published in the 4* Journal of Travel Research “Linking Regenerative Travel and Residents’ Support for Tourism Development in Kaua’i Island (Hawaii): Moderating-Mediating Effects of Travel-Shaming and Foreign Tourist Attractiveness”

New member of staff - profile photo
Dr Muddasar Khwaja and collegaues with a paper in 4* journal

Dimos C, Pugh G, Hisarciklilar M, Talam E, Jackson I, (2022) “The relative effectiveness of R&D tax credits and R&D subsidies: A comparative meta-regression analysis,” Technovation, Volume 115,

Begovic S, Adnett N and Pugh G (2023) “The effect of a currency board arrangement on subjective assessments of a country’s economic performance” in International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Countries Vol 17 (1)

Etherington D, Jones M and Telford L (2022) Challenges to Levelling Up :
Post-COVID precarity in “left-behind” Stoke-on-Trent. Frontiers in Political Science. 10335.
ISSN 2673-3145

Dr Fred Nyakudya has a revise and resubmit for “The moderating role of individual and social resources in gender effect on entrepreneurial growth aspirations”, in Small Business Economics

Dr Fred Nyakudya has a paper submitted “Attracting entrepreneurial potential: A multilevel institutional approach” to the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research

Prof Thomas Lange has recently joined the School on a part time basis – his most recent publication is here Mehrajunnisa M, Jabeen F, Nishat Faisal M & Lange T (2022) The influence of green human resource management practices and employee green behavior on business performance in sustainability-focused organizations, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2022.2074824