Celebrating Entrepreneurship – Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 – 13th to 20th Nov

by Dr Ema Talam

Risk-taking, curiosity, flexibility and adaptability, or opportunity-seeking are often thought to be characteristics of entrepreneurs. Positive effects of entrepreneurship are far-reaching. Entrepreneurship can be a contributor to economic growth and development, creator of employment, lead to increased spending in markets, lead to knowledge transfers, and innovation (Meyer and de Jongh, 2018).

Global initiative Global Entrepreneurship Week is a campaign designed to “celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community around the world – especially those individuals who face structural barriers or may have never considered the idea of launching a startup”.

Thousands of activities are organised across the world to celebrate entrepreneurship and Staffordshire University join the cause. Several sessions were delivered this week and while we are coming to the end of Global Entrepreneurship Week, there is still some time to engage with some of the activities. The sessions delivered by Staffordshire University staff and entrepreneurs in residence (Kieron Chadwick, Dr Joe Hazzam, Dr Ema Talam and Jonathan Westlake) and have covered topics such as digital adoption for entrepreneurs, social media and AI in the context of entrepreneurship, ethical considerations when starting your business, and intrapreneurship and building skills and competencies to act as an entrepreneur. Over 120 students have engaged with Global Entrepreneurship Week this year and there is still some time to engage with exciting activities around entrepreneurship if you follow this link.

At Staffordshire University, we offer variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes related to entrepreneurship. Full list of courses offered is available here.