farm2grow logoSocial Enterprise Peer Mentoring Hub member Helen Bailey is the Director of Farm2grow, an exciting venture which aims to provide ethical farming awareness, horticulture education and inspiration to the local community.

Farm2grow is a not for profit voluntary enterprise, with the mission of creating a safe learning environment where volunteers, students and care seekers of all ages can develop new skills that will equip them for life. They aspire to do this ‘on the farm’ through a variety of fun and educational programmes:

– Learn new skills and knowledge about farming techniques and the surrounding wildlife
– Vocational, recreational and therapeutic programme
– Fun hands-on demonstrations on how vegetables and plants grow, and how to care for them
– Nutritional information about how vegetables feature in a healthy balanced diet
– Business enterprise opportunities, such as selling products to the local community
– Classroom resources linked to the formal curriculum
– Pre and post visit activities to prepare and reinforce learning.

All of which will help to create an environment which enables people to improve their quality of life and achieve their own personal goals. Plus everyone who comes to Farm2grow will experience diversity and integrate within the community.

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Twitter: @Farm2grow
Videos of the farm can be viewed here and here.