COVID Idea Exchange

Across the world, pathology teams have been rapidly developing their processes and procedures to cope with the uncertain and unprecedented demand resulting from COVID-19.

To help share your ideas and solutions, we have set up the #ConnectedPathology Idea Exchange – an online post board where you can quickly upload any solutions that have worked for you. It could be ideas to streamline laboratory workflows, solutions to maintaining social distancing and safe staffing levels, ways in which you have retrained staff or delivered services differently, indeed anything that you may benefit others.

Uploading and viewing ideas is easy. Just click the link below to open a Padlet wall, and then view and comment on the ideas posted, or click the pink and white cross to upload your own – you can add text, images, web links, documents, and videos.

This board is not moderated and is in the public domain, and so please ensure you are acting with the appropriate professional responsibility. Ideas and solutions are not verified, and so you will need to use your local procedures to ensure appropriate governance.

Click here to access the COVID Idea Exchange