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Welcome to the Future Journalist Awards 2024 – where storytelling meets innovation. Calling all aspiring writers, content creators, and storytellers! This is your chance to shine. Submit your entries and join us on an exciting journey into the future of journalism. Click below to submit your entry, share your unique story and be a part of the storytelling revolution!

To ensure seamless processing and proper identification, please note that the entry file must follow a specific naming convention. The file title should include the participant’s full name, year, and school name in the following format: [Full Name][Year][School Name]. For example, JamesSmith_9_AylesfordSchool.docx.

Additionally, for all Word documents, kindly include this information at the top of the document along with a contact email. For audio and video submissions, please introduce the student at the beginning, including their contact information.

Please adhere to the following file format restrictions. Entries are accepted in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf for written content, and .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .avi for audio and video submissions. Kindly ensure your files meet these criteria before uploading. We look forward to discovering your creative narratives!

This information is crucial for accurate identification and communication throughout the evaluation process. Thank you for your attention to these details. We look forward to receiving your creative entries!

If you need further adjustments or have additional requirements, feel free to let me know!