Set in Clay: The Journal of International Relations, History and Politics

Each year our students on the International Studies courses publish an online journal, showcasing the finest undergraduate and postgraduate coursework submitted.

Set in Clay is the result of a four-week-long project to peer review, curate and publish an online journal as part of the university’s Get Ahead programme, since 2019.

Set in Clay Volume 1 (June 2019)

The first volume contains work categorised into topics about ‘Britain and the End of Empire’, ‘Intelligence’, ‘Consumer Society’, ‘Modern Italy’, ‘Refugees and Immigrants’, ‘Political Thought’, ‘International Relations’ and the ‘USA, 1776-present’. 

View Volume 1 here.

Set in Clay Volume 2 (June 2020)

The second volume includes two undergraduate dissertations on ‘Feminism and the Irish Revolution’ and ‘Globalisation and Neo-Nationalism in the Global North-West’, as well as various topics categorised from modules covered on the degree: such as the ‘French Revolution’, ‘India and Pakistan’, ‘International Society’, ‘Ireland’, ‘Intelligence and International Relations’, ‘The Soviet Union’ and ‘Presenting the past’.

There is also postgraduate work ranging from ‘The Myth of the “First Great Debate” ‘, ‘How actively does China now engage in multilateral diplomacy’ and ‘In what ways can new technology change the practices of diplomacy?’. 

This issue also contains a COVID-19 Pandemic Special on how the Coronavirus has impacted students and staff in 202

View Volume 2 here.

Set in Clay, June 2019 Committee

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International Book Giving Day

The 14th February is not only Valentine’s Day, it is also International Book Giving Day. The day is a volunteer initiative aimed at increasing access to books. We asked staff to suggest some books from their subject areas (both fiction and non-fiction) that they enjoyed reading and that others may find interesting.



Blue: A memoir: Keeping the Piece and Falling to Pieces by John Sutherland

Suggested by: Dr Lauren Metcalfe, Policing Course Director






Court Number One: The Old Bailey Trials that Defined Modern Britain by Thomas Grant

Suggested by: Jo Beswick, Law Lecturer








Crossing the line: Lessons from a Life on Duty by John Sutherland

Suggested by: Dr Lauren Metcalfe, Policing Course Director





I am Pilgrim: Can You Commit the Perfect Crime by Terry Hayes

Suggested by: Dr Fran Stubbs-Hayes, Forensics Lecturer





In Spies We Trust: The Story of Western Intelligence by Rhodri Jefreys-Jones

Suggested by: Associate Professor Tony Craig, Lecturer in International Studies






In Your Defence: Stories of Life and Law by Sarah Langford

Suggested by: Jo Beswick, Law Lecturer





Isis: The State of Terror by Jessica Stern and J.M Berger

Suggested by: Aman Jaswal, PhD Researcher







On The Farm: Robert Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancourver’s Missing Women by Stevie Cameron

Suggested by: Emma Tilley, Policing Lecturer for the Institute of Policing




Police Socialisation, Identity and Culture: Becoming Blue by Sarah Chapman

Suggested by: Dr Lauren Metcalfe, Policing Course Director






Research Ethics: In the Real World by Helen Kara

Suggested by: Sarah Page, Criminology Lecturer





Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken by The Secret Barrister

Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies by The Secret Barrister

Suggested by: Dr John McGarry, Law Lecturer




Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime by Val McDermid

Suggested by: Professor Graham Williams, Forensics Lecturer






The Cyber Effect by Mary Aiken

Suggested by: Abbeygail Standen, Policing Lecturer for the Institute of Policing






When the Dogs Don’t Bark: A Forensic Scientist’s Search for the Truth by Angela Gallop

Suggested by: Professor Graham Williams, Forensics Lecturer

Welcome to the School of Law, Policing and Forensics


The School of Law, Policing and Forensics at Staffordshire University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law, Policing and Criminal Investigation, Professional Policing, Criminology, Criminal International Relations,Security and Intelligence, Forensic Science and Forensic Investigation, and Forensic Archaeology and Genocide Investigation.

With over fifty staff members we have expertise in rape testing, prevention and prosecution, ballistic testing, fibre analysis, soil analysis, Family Law and Employment Law among others. We offer BA and BSc, MSci, and MScs and MAs along with a Masters by Applied Research in a range of areas.

We also deliver the Police Apprenticeships with Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and West Mercia Police.