Responsible Practice or Restricted Practice? An Empirial Study of the Use of Clinical Guidelines in Medical Negligence Litigation

Dr Joanne Beswick, Senior Lecturer in Law, has co-written an article with Ash Samantha and Jo Samanta that has been published in the Medical Law Review. You can read ‘Responsible Practice or Restricted Practice? An Empirial Study of the Use of Clinical Guidelines in Medical Negligence Litigation’ here.




Can partnership approaches developed to prevent Islamic terrorism be replicated for the extreme right?

Dr Chris Morris, Lecturer for the Institute of Policing at Staffordshire University, has had his research published in the Journal for Deradicalisation.

‘Can partnership approaches developed to prevent Islamic terrorism be replicated for the extreme right? Comparing the Muslim Brotherhood and Generation Identity as “firewalls” against violent extremism’.


You can access the article here.

An Update from a Researcher in Forensic Handwriting and Document Examination

Nikolaos Kalantzis, a Forensics Researcher at Staffordshire University, has had some exciting months discussing and presenting his research.

I was invited to deliver a webinar for Namirial’s partner campus [in August]. It is a company that sets up Biometric Signature solutions worldwide & the webinar was attended by more than 40 people from all over the world. The title of the webinar was Forensic Handwriting Experts taking digitally captured signatures seriously and parts of our PhD research were presented.

There is more information on this here:

I also presented three (& co-authored one more) presentations at the 78th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE). Two of those included parts of our PhD research.

You can watch a recording of one of the presentations here

The other two presentations that are related to our research are here (but require free registration to access):

The Chinese government liked these presentations so much that they translated them & gave me the chinese versions, so those are also available here:

Upcoming plans

Three publications from my collaboration with the ENFHEX STEFA G8 group are underway.

I will be presenting content (including parts of our research) for Wacom’s Connected Ink event in November 2020.

I have been invited to present specifically Biometric Signature lectures & a workshop (so content directly connected to our research) for the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) meeting in February.

You can also read  “Assisted vs. Guided Handwriting: a current approach to an old problem” from Niko Kalantzis & Leonidas Gigogiannos here

The racism faced by teenagers in the UK: new research

“Thousands of people took part in Black Lives Matter protests in the UK in recent months, not just in solidarity with Black people in the US following the murder of George Floyd, but also standing against racism in the UK. However, some people in the UK may assume that racism is not as big an issue in Britain as it is in the US – my latest research suggests otherwise.”

Read more on The Conversation here

Ninth, Annual FACS Conference

On the 22nd April, the Forensic and Crime Science Society (FACS) held their ninth, annual student-led conference. This event usually takes place in the Science Centre, but this year our students didn’t let Covid-19 deter them and hosted the event online.

The event was organised by Jade Wheeler, the president of the FACS Society and a Forensic Investigation student, along with Dr Rachel Bolton-King and “our brilliant, friendly and brave level 6 students in forensics and policing to share the findings of their final year research”.

Rachel also said that “I think the students have done a brilliant, professional job with their presentations”.

Rachel kicked off the conference with a Welcome Talk, outlining the importance of the conference.

Jade Wheeler then outlined the event and introduced each of the presenters and their research topics.

Lauren Yare, a Forensic Investigation student, presented her research first on the ‘Effect of Fabric Type on Knife Identification using Stab Damage’.

Next was Lauren James, a Forensic Investigation student, who present her research on the ‘Effects of Restricting Air Circulation and Oxygen on Decomposition’.

Third was Rebecca Neville, a Policing and Criminal Investigation student, who presented her research on ‘The Reliability and Accuracy of Available Doorstep Crime Data. This video is confidential and is therefore unavailable to view.

Finally, Shan Pryce, a Forensic Investigation student, presented her research on ‘Public Perceptions and Reporting of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Associate Professor Rachel Bolton-King concluded the event with a Closing Speech, congratulating the students for all of their hard work.

Laura Walton-Williams also presents a Careers Talk for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Criminology, Forensics, Law, or Policing.

You can watch all of the videos of the FACS Conference here.

Well done to everyone who took part!