Keynote – Annual Conference of The British Society for Phenomenology

I was in Manchester at the end of August for the annual conference of The British Society for Phenomenology. I first attended the conference as a MA student sometime around 1985 and later served Secretary of the Society for seven years. It was an honour to be invited back as a keynote speaker to give a talk ‘Michel Serres and the Natural Contract: Intersubjectivity, Science and Politics. (David Webb)

Bill Ross – Order and the Virtual: the Philosophy and Science of Deleuzian Cosmology

Our late friend and colleague’s book Order and the Virtual: the Philosophy and Science of Deleuzian Cosmology (Edinburgh University Press, 2024) is moving through the production stages and we’re looking forward to its publication around April next year. Many thanks to Patrick Haughton for the wonderful cover art. There’ll be a launch event, so watch this space.

PhD Success – Lilian Kroth (Cambridge University)

It was a great pleasure to be the external for Lilian Kroth’s PhD examination at Cambridge University last month. Lilian wrote a really fine thesis entitled Michel Serres’s Philosophy of Limits. Passages between the Philosophy of Science and Critical Theory. Lilian’s work is always worth reading, and here’s an example: Lilian Kroth, ‘Entropy’s Critical Translations: Following Serres’s Path through the North-West-Passage’, Technophany Vol 2(2), 2023.

Staffordshire Visiting Speakers

As most of our students and postgraduate researchers work with us online our Visiting Speaker program is also held online. Our guests share work in advance, which is then discussed at live events. The events are recorded for those students unable to attend at the time. Recent speakers include:

Ulrich Haase (Manchester Metropolitan University) Heidegger and Nietzsche – Phenomenology and Ontology

Katrina Mitcheson (University of the West of England) Pregnancy as a Metaphor of Self-Cultivation in Nietzsche’s Dawn

Michael Granado (Staffordshire University)  Gaston Bachelard’s Philosophy of Time

William Watkin (Brunel University), On Bioviolence

Joost van Loon (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt), Historical Materialism and Actor Network Theory.

Niki Young (University of Malta) Only Two Peas in a Pod: On the Overcoming of Ontological Taxonomies