PGR Space @Cadman – We’ve had a Make-Over!

We are pleased to share with you that the PGR spaces in the Cadman Loft have had a make-over and we think it looks fantastic!  You don’t have to take our word for it though, but ask the cohort of January 2022 who attended the first induction social of the year there, on the afternoon of 3rd March, as well as some of our PGRs who regularly use the space and have voiced their delight.


An induction Social Event

The dedicated PGR space now boasts a separate Quiet Working area which is situated at the far end of the corridor to the right as you come up the stairs (or indeed the lift). It is the large room next to the kitchen, and has toilets and lockers for your use, nearby. 

The space which previously housed the desks and computers now looks very different, and we hope, you find, far more inviting.  It now boasts a combination of soft seating (a large corner sofa), café style seating, a pod as well as few desks with workstations which are still being retained for those who prefer the ‘not so quiet’ working.  This is your ‘Collaborative Working’ area, and also has a large conference table for you to gather around to discuss everything from research methodologies to vegan (or otherwise) recipes.

‘What else is coming up’, you ask?

  • A mobile TV/monitor to get the latest updates from the Graduate School, watch the news, or use to test drive your PowerPoint presentations with your peers in practice sessions ahead of a conference you may be speaking at;
  • A meeting room, which, although we will be using to hold your vivas in, you could request for your meetings, via a booking system held by the Graduate School; and last, but certainly not the least..
  • A prayer room which also offers a space for rest or silent reflection.

We call upon you to visit – and use – your new spaces, and whilst there, come and see us, and give us your ideas about further things we could do to make it feel more inviting.  We do still have bare walls on which we will be adding some photo frames and poster holders to host your photographs and posters of your research.

If you want to combine your visit with an event we are hosting, the first of these will be the Student Union Doctorates and Donuts event on Tuesday, 8th March at 3.00 PM, which will also be combined with us thanking the participants of the Enhance PGR exercise and having conversations about what we have done, are currently doing, and what is in the pipeline of the things you have requested.   You should not need an excuse to visit though – this is your space to use – your space to meet and network with your peers. Take it!

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