Latest funds on Research Professional 26/09/2014

The External Projects Team has changed the way they provide information on upcoming funds. Instead of updating a spreadsheet, we will post bi-weekly highlights of new funds posted on Research Professional.

Highlights of new funds on Research Professional

You can see the full list here: All new funds from the last two weeks

Health services and delivery research programme NIHR -Deadline: 18/12/2014

Evaluating models of service delivery and interventions which have the potential to improve service effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.


Senior non-clinical fellowship MRC –Deadline 28/04/2015

Provides non-clinical researchers opportunity to develop themselves into research leaders.


Innovation Projects NERC –Deadline 18/12/2014

Activities between the science community and end users to develop products, models and tools that have the potential to generate significant impact through meeting the needs of users but generate no commercial return.


Newton advanced fellowships Royal Society –Deadline 22/10/2014

Develop science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries


Forensics Call Innovate UK –Deadline 22/10/2014

Proof of concepts for technologies and processes which aid the rapid location and recovery of forensic material at crime scenes.


Newton Mobility Grants Royal Society –Deadline 22/10/2014

Host international researchers in order to build lasting networks or strengthen emerging collaborations in any discipline within the life and physical sciences, excluding clinical medicine.


Darwin Fellowship Awards DEFRA –Deadline 27/10/2014

Enable promising individuals from developing countries to come to the UK for a period of training or research and broaden their knowledge and experience in biodiversity.


Digital transformations small grants AHRC –Deadline 27/11/2014

Practice-based researchers work with colleagues in other arts and humanities disciplines to explore how the use of digital technologies is transforming engagement with cultures and societies. -The world’s leading provider of news and funding information for research professionals. Step by step guide to using Research Professional

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