Student Experience


One of the key aims of the Staffordshire Forensic Partnership is to enhance student employability and the student experience which are achieved by giving students the opportunity to gain work experience through placements or activities with the partnership including research of interest to Staffordshire Police that can and does make a real difference to the community in which they live and study.

Student Comments

Below are comments and video  from students who undertook  placements with Staffordshire Police over the last few years and an indication of where they are now.

I was successful in application to complete a 6 week research project for Staffordshire Police within the Forensic Recovery Unit (FRU).  The experience I gained during this time was phenomenal, and I would strongly advice to take this opportunity.  The experience for me has enabled me to be where I am today, currently working as a Digital Forensic Examiner for Staffordshire Police.” Tina Varley, Digital Forensic Examiner.

One of the Partnerships 2019 students, Rebecca Edwards did a two part blog of her experiences – links to them are here:

Rebecca Edwards’ Blog Part One

Rebecca Edwards’ Blog Part Two

Types of Placement Opportunity’s

The partnership offers a variety of opportunities some of which are cyclical in nature with others on a more ad hoc basis.

Each summer starting in May there is an opportunity for a set number of graduating students to volunteer for 6 weeks placements doing research projects typically set by Staffordshire Police.

Each Autumn starting in January there are 13 week MSCi placement projects which see the police competing with academics from the University and outside agencies and organisations to attract a placement student.

In addition where there is the opportunity then PHD students are supported including having their research supervised by police staff. Recently the partnership has taken the opportunity to offer placements to students from the Marketing and Media courses and psychology and criminology seeking course related opportunities.

Overall the partnership has hosted getting on for 100 students over the years. The impact on careers and career direction for students with whom the partnership works cannot be overstated as can be seen in the video below.