Dr Rachel Povey featured in The Sentinel newspaper discussing children’s fussy eating habits

Dr Rachel Povey

Dr Rachel Povey (Associate Professor in Health Psychology) has been featured in the Stoke/Staffordshire Sentinel newspaper commenting why children may be ‘fussy eaters’. Dr Povey and her colleagues have recently received funding from the British Psychological Society to hold a series of research seminars to discuss new research findings and best practice for promoting healthy eating behaviours amongst children. A link to The Sentinel article can be found below:

The Sentinel: The shocking reason why our children are such fussy eaters

Dr Povey conducts research into healthy eating behaviours and specialises in understanding children’s eating behaviours and promoting healthier food choices amongst younger age groups. Some of Dr Povey’s recent research involves understanding children’s food choices and beliefs about healthy eating, including why primary school age children think eating fruit and vegetables makes them viewed as a ‘square’ by their peers – see below for a blog post by Dr Povey discussing these research findings:

InPsych Blog: “They think I’m a square for eating them” – New research into children’s beliefs about fruit and vegetables

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