2015-16 Schedule

All talks start at 6pm in the Glebe Pub, Stoke-on-Trent. The schedule for the 2015-16 edition of Stoke’s Psychology in the Pub is below (talk titles and dates subject to change/confirmation).

7th October 2015

David Parkes, Staffordshire University. Psychogeography – Discovering the City

Oct15 PitPStoke

Prof Karen Rodham & David Parkes during October’s Psychology in the Pub talk

4th November 2015

Dr. Alexandra Lamont, Keele University. “Music, emotion and wellbeing”

2nd December 2015

Colin Preece, Staffordshire University. Sherlock Holmes and Psychology

Dec 15 PitP Sherlock CPreeceDec 15 PitP Sherlock CPreece 2

3rd February 2016

Mel Hall, Staffordshire University.To confess or not to confess… What was the question?

2nd March 2016

Dr. Ian Walker, University of Bath. “Traffic & Transport Psychology“. Note that this talk will be hosted in Ashley LT2, Leek Road Campus, Stoke, Staffordshire University.

6th April 2016

Dr. Nichola Street & Mark Ware. “Reflecting Nature: Psychology & Art.

4th May 2016

Dr. Chris Stiff, Keele University. “Cyberpsychology: the role of modern technology in society.

1st June 2016

Jenny Parfitt-Bowman & Dr. Louise Humphreys, Staffordshire University. The Why of the Buy

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