2021-22 Schedule

Psych in the Pub is back!

The first Wednesday of the month sees the hosting of a Psychology talk in The Glebe Pub, Stoke-on-Trent. The Stoke “Psychology in the Pub” is a series of free talks by psychologists from the Staffordshire and West Midlands region that is open to everyone! Details of this year’s talks can be found below.

The Glebe Pub, Stoke-on-Trent

Guests should aim to arrive from 5:30pm (note that there are limited chairs and the talks are popular!). Talks start at 6pm and finish by 7pm with opportunities for discussion afterwards. Directions to the Glebe can be found here.

Join in the conversation by following the @StaffsPsych twitter account and the #PitPStoke hashtag.

6th October 2021 – Attention-seeking, confused or just slutty: Bisexual stereotypes and their social-psychological origins. Dr Katie Wright-Bevans (Keele University)

3rd November 2021 – Social norms and addressing belief in conspiracy theories. Darel Cookson (Staffordshire University/Nottingham Trent University)

1st December 2021 – Christmas break – no talk

6th January 2022 – Christmas break – no talk

2nd February 2022 – Emotionality, visual aesthetics and Judeo-Christian theology in children’s drawings of God. Dr Richard Jolley (Staffordshire University)

3rd March 2022 – The maths of perception: What numbers can tell us about how we see the world. Dr Samuel A. Jones (Staffordshire University)


4th May 2022 – The science of lie detection: Why are we so bad at spotting fibs? Dr Chris Street (Keele University).