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Staff in the School are currently awaiting the results of the REF 2021 exercise that will be announced in May of this year UPDATE Results now out and we did great see more here . In the 2014 REF exercise staff were entered into both the Business and Management UoA and the Education UoA. Here we provide an overview of research activity in the academic year 2021-2022 so far.

Book Chapters

Dr Bharati Singh has a chapter “What can young Social Entrepreneurs tell us about Environmental Leadership? Perspectives from Brazil and India” in Rethinking Leadership for a Green World edited by Andrew Taylor published by Routledge.

Vanessa Oakes and Adam Bronstone also have a chapter in the same book – The ‘Interesting’ Case of EU Commission Leadership and the Emission Trading Scheme in
in Rethinking Leadership for a Green World edited by Andrew Taylor published by Routledge

Dr Bharati Singh and Vanessa Oakes both have chapters in this new book

Carol Southall has a chapter in a new book with Dr Cai – Cai, W. and Southall, C. (2021) Managing Sexuality for Gay and Lesbian Parents in Heterosexual Family Holiday Spaces: Setting an Agenda for Research in Vorobjovas-Pinta, O. (Ed) Gay Tourism: New perspectives. Bristol: Channelview

Duncan Adam has a new chapter – Simms, M and Adam D. (2021) Precarious Solidarities. Unions, Young Workers and Representative Claims pp 69-90 in Cuzzocrea, V., Gook, B. and Schiermer, B. (eds) (2021) Forms of Collective Engagement in Youth Transitions: A Global Perspective. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.

Etherington D and Jones M (2022 forthcoming) Political Economy of the Inclusive Labour Market Welfare through Work Revisited in  P McGurk and J Ingold eds Employer Engagement: Making Active Labour Market Policies Work, Bristol Policy Press

Daguerre A and Etherington D (2022) Austerity, the Covid Crisis and Welfare Policies under the Conservative Government in Martin Powell and Hugh Bochel eds Conservative governments and social policy Bristol Policy Press (contract signed with publishers to deliver this chapter).


Dr Karen Castle and Richard Kelly have published Signposts for Civvy Street: A comprehensive guide for all military service leavers and veterans

Visiting Professor Mark Gregory had published More than a game: saving Football from itself

Beel D, Jones M, Jones I (2021), City Regions and Devolution in the UK: The Politics of Representation (Policy Press, Open Access, Bristol)

Jones M (2021, paperback version, updated with new preface) Cities and Regions in Crisis: The Political Economy of Subnational Economic Development (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham) 

Peer review papers

Nebojša Stojčić (Visiting Professor) has a new publication – Stojčić N, Mikulić J, Vizek M, (2022) High season, low growth: The impact of tourism seasonality and vulnerability to tourism on the emergence of high-growth firms, in Tourism Management, Vol. 89.

Meardi, G., Simms, M. and Adam, D. (2021) ‘Trade unions and precariat in Europe: Representative claims’, European Journal of Industrial Relations, 27(1), pp. 41-58. doi: 10.1177/0959680119863585.

Viol M & Southall C (2021) A conceptual framework for understanding Western-centrism in transnational education in tourism, Current Issues in Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/13683500.2021.2019203

Vujanović, N & Stojčić, N & Hashi, I, 2021. “FDI spillovers and firm productivity during crisis: Empirical evidence from transition economies,” Economic Systems, Elsevier, vol. 45(2).

Macleavy J and Jones M (2021) ‘Brexit as Britain in Decline and its crises (revisited)’ Political Quarterly 92, 444-452

Beel D and Jones M, ‘City region limits: questioning city-centric growth narratives in medium-sized cities’ Local Economy 36, 3-21

Dimos C, Pugh G T, Hisarciklilar M, Talam E & Jackson I (2022) The releative effectiveness of R&D tax credits and R&D subsidies: A comparative Meta-Regression Analysis in Technovation

Lami E, Imami D, Pugh G T and Hashi I (2021) Fiscal Performance and Elections in the context of a Transition Economy in Economic Systems

Etherington D and Jones M (2022) The Challenges of Levelling Up in England’s North Midlands: Post-Covid Precarity in Stoke-on-Trent  to be submitted to Local Economy

Dodds K, Broto VC, Detterbeck K, Jones M, Mamadouth V, Ramutsindela M, Varsanyi M, Wachsmuth D and Woon CY (2022) ‘10th anniversary of Territory, Politics, Governance: achievement and prospects’ Territory, Politics, Governance

Jones M (2022) ‘For a “new new regional geography”: plastic Regions and more-Than-relational regionality’ Geografiska Annaler, Series B, Human Geography

Fred Nyakudya is working on a paper “How do institutions affect entrepreneurs in South Africa” for submission to the Technological Forecasting & Social Change

Fred Nyakudya is working on a paper “The effect of gender and resources on entrepreneurial activity: Evidence from the UK East Midlands region. For submission to the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research

Other outputs

Etherington D, Jones M, Harris S, and Hubbard S, (2021) Powering up or reducing inequalities? Assessing the impact of benefit cuts and withdrawal of (Furlough) support on Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire University/Citizens Advice Staffordshire North & Stoke on Trent,

Etherington D, Jones M, Harris S, and Hubbard S, (2021) Post COVID-19 Crisis and its impact on Poverty and Destitution in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire University/Citizens Advice Staffordshire North & Stoke on Trent.   

Book review by Duncan Adam of The Politics of Social Inclusion and Labor Representation: Immigrants and trade unions in the European context. Connolly, H., Marino, S. & Martinez Lucio, M., 15 May 2019, New York: Cornell University Press. 200 p. forthcoming in Transfer

Prof Jon Fairburn has a long Interview with Environmental Protection Scotland reflecting back on 20 years of environmental justice research.(pdf)

Prof Jon Fairburn is a contributor to an Environmental Protection Scotland leaflet that was designed for COP26 in Glasgow.

Visiting Professor Mark Gregory gave a speech at the NHS Conferederation entitled “Identifying how health impacts economic and social outcomes – A bottom up view from Stoke-on-Trent”

M A Wasim & K Mitchell “The role of technology in student learning and engagement: the case of the webinar” for Springer’s series Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics (EBES conference proceedings).

M A Wasim & K Mitchell “Investigation of higher education teacher adoption of Microsoft teams: managing behaviour through online delivery and promoting positive usage” for Springer’s series Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics (EBES conference proceedings).

John Middleton, Paul Southon and Jon Fairburn are working on a paper for PETRA with the working title “Environmental provisions in trade agreements”

Jones M (2021) ‘Is the government missing the real levelling up value of HE?’ Mediafhe 10th May

Jones M (2021) ‘Driving the digital skills agenda in Staffordshire’ Total Telecom 28th April

Etherington D, Telford L, Jones M, Harris S and Hubbard S (2022) The Pending Poverty Catastrophe in Stoke-on-Trent: How Benefit Cuts and the Cost of Living Crisis impacts on the poor.  Staffordshire University/Citizens Advice Staffordshire North & Stoke on Trent,

Bids and funded research

Prof Jon Fairburn and Dr Gordon Mitchell (University of Leeds) are carrying out research for the Environment Agency into environmental equity policy.

Ema Talam has won a bid to produce a literature review on ‘the potential of R and d tax credits to support the Creative industries’ for the West Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Prof David Etheringon with Dr Luke Telford submitted to the British Academy under the small grants schemes The UK Government’s levelling up agenda in the Covid-19 era: Assessing the lived experience of poverty in ‘left behind’ Stoke – awaiting decision

Phd/DBA completions

  1. PhD: Arbresh Raveni (10-2020). Fiscal Policy in small open economies in transition, with particular reference to Macedonia. Supervisor Prof Geoff Pugh
  2. PhD: Berat Havoli (04-2021).Determinants and Economic Consequences of the Cost of Government Borrowing: With Particular Reference to Selected European Transition Economies. Supervisor Prof Geoff Pugh
  3. PhD: Simon Milosheski (08-2021). The Detection and Quantification of House Price Bubbles for (i) United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany (ii) a Panel of East European countries. Supervisor Prof Geoff Pugh
  4. DBA: Andrew Stephenson (03/2021). Using the Net Promoter System Methodology to Deliver Cultural Change in Retail Organisations:  Impacting both the Customer and Employee Experience. Supervisor Prof Geoff Pugh

Research seminar series (recordings) organised by Ema Talam

“Innovation policies: How to enable firms to innovate more?”, delivered by Ema Talam

“The effect of gender and resources on entrepreneurial activity”, delivered by Dr Fred Nyakudya

“Promoting innovation by SME’S in traditional manufacturing industries: Why and how?”, delivered by Professor Geoff Pugh

Spatial impact of entreprenurial zones: Firms, city and inter-city evidence by Visiting Professor Nebojsa Stojcic

Upcoming online seminars (sign up on the links)

Levelling up on purpose – putting place back into business by Visiting Professor Mark Gregory 23rd Feb 12-1

The impact of social media technologies on organization cultural intelligence and new product development in international market by Dr Joe Hazzam 30th Mar 12-1

Factors leading to Sustainable Consumption in the Digital Context: Empirical evidence from the emerging markets by Dr. Muddasar Ghani Khwaja April 27 12-1

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