Introducing the new guy…!

We briefly posted on Facebook earlier this week about welcoming our new Administration Assistant Ryan to the Creative Communities Unit. Of course, it is always a daunting thing joining a new team and been thrust into a strange working environment, but we’ve all been there! If you have just started a new job, or joined a new team of people, then here’s a small entry from Ryan about his experiences so far this week as a reassurance that you ‘re not on your own!

“Well I’m slowly climbing the ladder, and I’m excited to be starting my brand new job in CCU after roughly two years within the catering department serving behind the counter. It certainly seems a step-up from slapping mashed potato on a plate, but I’m sure that I can adapt what I have learnt in previous roles to this one. Fingers crossed!

I’d say it was a mixture of excitement, anticipation and anxiousness churning round in my stomach as I walked from the car to the Flaxman on my first day; not a good combination when you’ve had a hearty breakfast of jam on toast. When I eventually found where I supposed to be going I was given a warm welcome and brief introduction to the team before being escorted to an introductory meeting with my line manager. It seemed that a smile was permanently fixated on my face in a sort of unconscious decision to appear at my best and most approachable for the sake of first impressions. The meeting was insightful yet relaxing which settled me a little, but it was the office cake which has been positively distracting me from my own worries and doubts. I shouldn’t have pressured myself into thinking that I needed to make any extra efforts though, because everyone around me was very understanding and reassuring. Nobody can expect to hit the ground running and be instantly brilliant at whatever role you’re taking on, especially in a place like CCU where there is so much going on and such a vast amount of work in the background.

There’s certainly a difference between being a Catering and this job, firstly is the independence! In catering, I was told when and where to have my ‘break’, what time to start and finish and given tasks to carry out as and when. In this role I’m discovering, I’m very much in charge of my own time and it’s down to me to organise it efficiently. I was just giddy about my own desk (I don’t get out much) let alone anything else, but now with freedom comes responsibility.

I could say that I’m still a little anxious now on day three as I sit at my desk typing this! The past couple of days have been about meeting people, working out what is expected of you and how best to approach it. Hopefully I’ll be able to live up to expectations and pull it out of the bag, but for now I need to find my feet and prepare myself for a busy working environment.  But of course, I’m not alone. There are loads of people in the same boat as me; stumped by technical terms and saying hello to ‘whosit’ and ‘whatshisname’ from somewhere you’ve seen before. So, here’s a couple of points to help you through your first days (maybe I’ll be reading through these myself sometime soon)

–          DON’T PANIC

Everyone will understand that you’re new and won’t expect you to be walking knowledge box

–          JUST ASK

The most stupid questions are the ones that weren’t asked! Everyone will be more than willing to help so never be embarrassed about asking

–          TAKE NOTES

Simply carrying a pad and pen round with you and jotting things down is less pressure on you to remember everything. That way you can always go back to read what you’ve learnt.

–          HAVE A CUP OF TEA

When things go wrong or get on top of you, get the kettle on and take five to gather yourself. Sometimes the best ideas come from time spent not thinking about work.

Well, I’ll sign out for now but make sure to keep an eye on what’s occurring in and around CCU because it seems there is a lot of exciting events coming up very soon!”