Social Enterprise Pop-Up Shop 2014: Sptialfields Market, London

We are delighted to announce that our collaboration with the Students’ Union to bring a Pop-Up Shop Competition was a fantastic success! Congratulations to all of the students who participated during the days in both Hanley and Spitalfields Market in London and representing Staffs proudly. Furthermore, our students were awarded ‘Best Digital Marketing Campaign’ thanks to regular tweets throughout the day which further emphasises the dedication and the efforts of our students.

The Pop-Up Shop competition allowed students from across all study areas to bring their product ideas to the table, pitch to our independent panel of judges and – if successful – given a small grant and a shop space in Hanley’s Intu Potteries Centre to make money from their ideas. In an ‘Apprentice style’ challenge; students had the opportunity to spend their grant on various things such as materials and marketing in order to create their ideas into a physical product to sell to the local consumers. They had just one day to see if they could make a profit, and the group with the most return when the day came to a close, would claim the amazing opportunity to represent the University in one of the busiest markets in the capital. Another fantastic incentive was that students could keep any profit made and may use that to reinvest into their London campaign.

The products that were sold in Hanley were very innovative and received a lot of positive comments from customers. This was overwhelmingly brilliant for the bright young entrepreneurs, and what put the icing on the cake for them was when it was then decided that all students who participated deserved to go to London and form together as one group. Their London trip was hugely successful and a massive congratulations from both the Creative Communities Unit and the Students’ Union goes out to them all.

Check out our photos of Spitalfield below…

Photos from the day
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