Bear with a Care – The Honeymoon is Over

Last week we shared photos of Divoc and Margie‘s ‘Big Day’. Let’s see what has happend since then, now the honeymoon is over.

The bears enjoyed a beary romantic dinner on the 19th May, before returning to normality.

“On this lovely bella notte”

Married Life – Chapter 1

The Honey Moon is officially over!

You missed a bit Divoc…

Time do all that holiday washing…

Call me Alan Titchmarsh

Married Life – Chapter 2

The Battle of the Duvet 

Poor Divoc

Comfy Margie?


The Battle of the TV Remote

A different table for two – who will be the Table Tennis Champion?

Back of the Net! Well done Margie!

The link to the Donna Louise Hospice Care is here, if you would like to help Kath’s Bears with a Care raise money.

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