Proud of Our Partnerships: Thompsons Solicitors

Rachel Eardley, LLB Law alumni and current Legal Practice Course student, has recently started a job at Thompsons Solicitors – a firm we have developed a partnership with since 2015. She kindly agreed to discuss her experiences studying at Staffordshire University, her new role and studying the LPC alongside work. 

Rachel Eardley, LLB

What undergraduate course did you study at Staffordshire University? 

I studied the LLB at Staffordshire University and gained a 2:1.

What is your new role and what does it mean to you?

My new role is a Pre-Litigation Executive and it means the world to me to have obtained a legal position in such a competitive market.

How did you hear about and obtain the position?

I heard about the position by attending the Staffordshire University Law Fair. I walked around the various firms, asked questions and tried to engage with the people from the firms the best I could. I visited the Thompsons’ stand and I recognised a lady I studied at undergraduate level with; she advised me about the role at Thompsons’ and suggested that I apply for the role. I went on to apply for the role and was offered an interview and subsequently the role.


How has your first week/few weeks been; can you explain your roles and responsibilities?

I think the first few weeks of any new job role are overwhelming as you are getting to grips with the systems and the role itself. In particular, this role has a somewhat heavy caseload and within my role I have my own caseload and I gather information and evidence for my clients that have suffered personal injury within the work place. It is my job to ensure that all evidence is gathered efficiently and correctly, that the conduct that is provided to the clients is in line with the codes of conduct – set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority – and to keep everything in line with the pre-action protocols.

How do you feel your course and the staff at Staffordshire University helped you prepare for the role?

I feel that the staff at Staffordshire University have been immensely helpful in the preparation of gaining this role. Whilst studying the LPC, I have learnt so much about the little things that do not seem so little when in practice: such as letter writing and communicating with clients in a professional but friendly manner, as well as client interviewing techniques.

You are currently studying the LPC, Part Time. How are you finding studying the LPC alongside working?

I have had to adapt to managing my time in a much more efficient way – as well as staying extra organised – so I do not let my studies and revision get too overwhelming and fall behind. It can be quite difficult to manage both, but it is also very rewarding and will be worth it.

Thompsons Solicitors said:

“We have partnered with Staffordshire University since 2015, to help us attract talent to our National Litigation Unit, Stoke. The University has provided invaluable assistance in helping us target Law graduates for various roles, which offer an excellent opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in Personal Injury law.

“As a result of our partnership working, a number of high calibre candidates have expressed an interest in various vacancies. Those selected for interview have been well prepared and demonstrated an excellent knowledge and understanding of both the work undertaken by the firm and the firm itself.

“We are delighted that we have been able to successfully fill a number of these vacancies with candidates from the university and are confident with the standard of applicants we receive from Staffordshire University. This is a win-win situation as the university graduates find employment quickly and our vacancies are filled without delay. We are able to offer these graduates the opportunity to work within a vibrant and diverse working environment, within a new office, where they receive excellent training from some of the industry’s leading Personal Injury Lawyers.”