Big Biology Day 2019 – The planning has commenced!

As the planning for BBD19 gets underway we wanted to take the opportunity to remind ourselves of the feedback that the attendees and exhibitors left for us at Big Biology Day 2018 to see what worked well and what we can improve for next year.

Last year’s event was a big success with over 500 people in attendance to see the stands and participate in the workshops and activities.

Feedback from the visitors was overwhelmingly positive,

here are just a few of the open comments we received from visitors:

  • “It’s been a great day, enjoyed it. Very informative”
  • “An excellent idea for children to attend and foster their love of science.”
  • “1 a month would be awesome (though probably impossible)”

It’s great getting feedback like this, and the middle feedback quote represents the ethos of the whole event really well. Unfortunately, if we tried to implement the last request we’d never get anything else done!

We did note that some in attendance would have liked better on campus signage, so we’ll work on making sure that we do that better for the 2019 event.

Overall Big Biology Day 2018 was a resounding success with more attendees than ever before.


Looking forward to BBD19 we’re gearing up to make this bigger and better than ever before. We’ll be continuing with the Great Biology Bake Off and our many and varied stands, activities and workshops. We already know that we’ll have new content that has not been seen before and there’s even a rumour about having a program of talks in the big lecture theatres.

Whilst we can’t spill the beans just now, we’ll add new blog entries as we confirm the event details.


Port Vale F.C. Foundation Trust – Coach Development Event

BSc Football Coaching & Performance students joined Port Vale F.C. Foundation Trust for their recent Coach Development Event

The first-year cohort of the BSc Football Coaching and Performance course were invited by Tom Sheratt, Head of Port Vale Foundation Trust, to visit Vale Park and participate in their in-house Coach Development Event for sports coaches.

The day started early for the students with an 8.30am meet at the Roy Sproson statue (popular player from the 1950’s and 60’s) directly outside Vale Park in Burslem. The first action of the day was to shake off the effects of the -2 degrees Celsius temperature with warm refreshments. After a short while meeting and greeting the club coaches and coach educator, the in-house training event started in earnest. The students were purposefully mixed with the club and community coaches to ensure that there was a variety of backgrounds and experiences to draw upon in the subsequent activities.

The activities on the day all revolved around effective coaching and how coaches can add their own ‘flavour’ when coaching. Coaching is a social activity, conducted in teams, and it always benefits to have the coach put their own stamp on what they do, making it unique and personal to themselves, whilst also focusing on the needs and development of the participants. The students enjoyed the coach development session, which was delivered by Tom Peever, F.A. Coach Educator, particularly because of the insight that it provided to students surrounding the type of CPD training they may have to undertake when they graduate from the course and gain employment in a football club. This was invaluable for the students and only provides them with more knowledge of the inner workings of a football club. Continue reading

Staffordshire University Proudly Presents: Level 4 Early Childhood Studies Degree; 1st Baby Conference

With Guest Speaker Midwife: Sylvia Baddeley

Staffordshire University observed its first (ever) Student Baby Conference on Friday February 8th, 2019. This event had been organised to co-inside with the delivery (pardon the pun) of the Working with Babies Module (0-3 years) and to cover specific topics related to the module.  The whole day event was an opportunity for students to engage and experience a conference style presentation, something new for many students.

Our Guest Speaker, Sylvia Baddeley is a Bonding and Attachment Specialist Midwife whose career spans nearly over 39 years; she is a Freelance Lecturer, an eminent speaker and researcher; has (also) worked with Stoke Speaks Out; pioneered Aqua Natal Classes and on top of all that, she still finds time for personal hobbies such as painting; art and local history. And so, it was our privilege to have some an experienced and knowledgeable professional delivering our first ever conference. Continue reading