Making new friends when studying abroad?

Now you probably done all the preparation work for studying abroad and excited about it, but the departure anxiety slip in. You might be overthinking. What if i don’t like the place? What do i do if something happen? Who do i look for? You are overthinking it because you noone in that city/country. You think you are alone. Always remember you got this just like the first day you in pre-elementary. First time walking into your class in first day of elementary school. You have dealt with it before. It just it might take a little of effort this time around because you just walk in this brand new adventure of yours, studying abroad.


#1 Looking Around Your Surrounding

Still remember the first time i walked into a class full of students. As some of you might know when reading this blog, i went straight into second year in the uni which mean most of the students have known each other during their first year. I feel awkward and I am not sure what i suppose to do. Then I started to look around, and WE found each other. Since then, both me and buddy has been working together closely with all assignments. You have to look around because you are not the only one who do this. There always someone jump into this adventure like you, so don’t be afraid and shy to talk anyone.


#2 Welcome Weeks

Highly recommended to attend uni events, especially during the international welcome week or the welcome week. During the international welcome week (most likely a week early than the general welcome week), is where we all meet other international students where everyone has shared something in common: all of you left home behind and come to the complete new country, new environment for study. Not everyone will be your bestie but is high possibility to find your buddy. Then you have the general welcome week where the local students will be joining. This is the time where you find your friends have the common interests with you. There are a lot of events are held during the welcome week, so you can go hang out with your course mates for those events, to get to know each other.


#3 Attending Uni Events

Take the advantage when there are a lot events happen throughout the year. Whether it is organised by the uni or the union. Checking on the website, find something that interest you such as Culture Day, Comedy Night, Vintage Fair and etc. Not only you probably have find the chance to hang out with your friends and get to know more them, you also get to meet new friends.


#4 Sign up for clubs or society 

There are many different clubs and society in the uni. From cheerleading, the different sport societies, games and etc. If you interest in create one society, speak to student union to know more information about it. So think about your interest, joining a club or society is a great way to meet people who shared the same interest as you outside of the lectures



Lastly, the most important be yourself. It is understandable that you come alone to this new environment knowing noone in the place and you need some time for yourself to settle down. Don’t rush into a lifestyle you not want to fit into anywhere. Take your time to experience this place. Slowly, you will find your comfort of this place, your best buddy.




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