NMH Provision

Located right at the heart of Staffordshire University,  our team of dedicated mentors and tutors provide unparalleled DSA student support both in person and online.

Beginning an academic journey can be quite daunting and overwhelming, which is why we offer a personalised approach for each student ensuring that they are getting the most out of their support. We pride ourselves in being readily available to cater for diverse needs and are committed to empowering students to reach their full potential and overcoming any barriers they may face.   

Here’s what sets us apart: 

  • On-site Accessibility: Conveniently located on campus our support services are easily accessible to students whenever they need a helping hand.  Our understanding of other university services means we can seamlessly signpost students to other resources available to them if further help is required.  
  • Comprehensive Student Support: Our team of mentors and tutors offer personalised support, equipping students with the tools they need to thrive. Through careful and considered allocation of Non-Medical helpers and regular check-ins we ensure students get the most out of their support.  
  • Dedication to Inclusion and Diversity: We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, celebrating the unique perspectives and experiences that diversity brings we actively work to remove barriers and creating opportunities for all. 
  • Supporting Students into Work: We also offer a recruitment service. We believe in creating inclusive opportunities for all students, including those facing barriers related to neurodiversity and/or mental health conditions. Through our work, we  help students access employment opportunities while studying and upon graduation, ensuring a smooth transition into employment. A smooth transition into the workforce in the workplace. Our recruitment services aim to connect students with employers who value and embrace neurodiversity.  
  • Proven Track record: Our commitment to student success is undeniable. With a history of success stories, showcasing how our excellent service and dedication to empowering students has had a positive impact

NMH rates

NMH rates


Sharon Duckworth,
Disability Support Officer

Sharon is the mastermind behind student disability support, bringing in fabulous mentors and tutors she has created a welcoming, inclusive environment where students with disabilities can truly shine.  She is all about making things better;  actively seeking feedback from students and using this to develop and improve the service. 

E-mail: sharon.duckworth@staffs.ac.uk

       "Sharon is always part of the solution and has a positive approach and I know I can rely on her  and as a result I can support  my students better." 
- Testimonial from a Support Worker

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Rebecca is a pro at matching students with the perfect mentors and tutors! She focuses on students’ needs, finding the ideal mix of skills and personalities to create empowering relationships. Rebecca’s has a knack for making sure students thrive, always checking in to ensure they’re getting the most out of their support and tackling any extra needs or concerns with a smile.

E-mail: rebecca.boswell2@staffs.ac.uk

Becky Boswell,
Disability Support Coordinator
       "Becki  replies promptly and clearly to all my queries and requests her communication skills are great-there is always kindness and willingness to help." 
- Testimonial from a Support Worker

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What makes Unitemps Staffordshire unique when compared to other organisations is their compassion and care for their clients. The team are very empathic towards those accessing support through Unitemps.

 The staff at the Staffordshire University Branch of Unitemps are genuine, caring, friendly, helpful, and always ready to take the time to talk and listen.

This team is truly one in a million and I am forever grateful of their help and support.

Testimonials for Unitemps from support workers