Meet the Team



Meet James!

James has managed the team for just over two years and works alongside Lizzy and Dina in placing our Students and Graduates with local businesses. His key roles also include working closely with the innovation department on the Digital Innovation Partnerships and working closely with the team on any recruitment legislation and pay changes. James is born and raised in Newcastle-Under-Lyme working in multiple recruitment sectors for the past 10 years (although don’t remind him it’s ten) across Staffordshire.



A big sports fan supporting Stoke City, James manages a local adult’s football side (#UpTheTown) on a Sunday.


He also boasts an impressive 0-1 white collar boxing record. (Something the team loves to remind him of). 





Meet Lizzy!

Lizzy has worked at Unitemps now for nearly three years, focusing on Student and Graduate recruitment as well as developing lifelong relationships with local businesses from that initial first sales call. Lizzy is a big believer in treating others how you would like to be treated, and this is reflected in her work at Staffordshire University. As well as working as a recruitment consultant and her focus being income generation, she has recently taken on the task of being the Unitemps part time marketer (only without the degree).




In her spare time, you will either see Lizzy leaving Zara with a handful of shopping bags or getting ready for a disco filled night up Manchester Albert Hall dressed head to toe in sequins.


As well as being a shopaholic and disco diva, Lizzy has a profound love for dogs, in particular Golden Retrievers. She also spends a lot of her time lying horizontally as sleeping comes so naturally to her she can do it with both eyes shut.




Meet Dina!

Dina has worked for Unitemps since they were introduced to Staffordshire University in 2012. Dina is the Employer Partnership Development Officer; she develops relationships with external companies promoting the employability skills of both Staffordshire University Students and Graduates, as well as generating income. Dina has over 25 years’ experience within the recruitment industry, including 12 years’ working in HE. Since leaving University back in the 1990s (this is the part where she shows her age) all of her jobs have been people orientated. One of Dina’s many qualities is her excellent customer service skills, which have built strong relationships with both candidates and clients.


In Dina’s spare time you will be sure to see her at the gym or on her bike as she has a love for the outdoors. She also loves a challenge, especially if it involves raising money for charities. Her biggest challenge to date is when she cycled across Kenya with 70 other women, London to Paris bike ride is next on the agenda.


Her greatest achievement is her two lovely daughters: Ella and Lydia (& Monty the dog)




Meet Alison!

Alison joined Unitemps as a Brand Ambassador earlier in 2021. Her key roles include supporting the marketing team with generating engaging content for the blog and socials, creating bite-size videos, and being that extra pair of hands for other projects. 

One of her biggest strengths is a positive attitude and putting her heart into every project. It helps that Unitemps has a team of wonderful people. It makes her days that much more exciting.



You will find her wasting money on pizza and gifts for her family, particularly her gorgeous labrador. (it’s all worth it!). Alison adores all animals, so you may find her browsing through hours of rescue videos, or even rescuing an ant… 


She is also working on finishing her creative writing projects and is desperately saving up for a much-needed holiday. I think we all deserve one, so it comes as no surprise. 




Meet Becky! 

Becky works closely with Amanda on Internal recruitment and Disability Support. Although she has not been with us long, she has already made a significant impact on the team with her fantastic administration skills, attention to detail and knowledge of Higher Education. Becky is our very own Staffordshire University Graduate with a background in Marketing, Events and Account Management. You name it and Becky has done it!



Becky’s favourite food is cheesy oatcakes. We know this as it is her office lunch choice, and she is a Stokey at heart.


When she is not working, Becky enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. Becky also loves her two pet cats Oreo and Sox and roller skating (but not together, of course!)




Meet Sharon!

Sharon manages disability support for students who join Unitemps. Being a very caring, compassionate and fun individual, you can talk to Sharon about anything. She first working temporarily in Unitemps, but her fantastic skills have bumped her to a permanent position. She is surrounded by amazing co-workers, so she adores her work and her team.



Sharon is very family-oriented and loves spending lots of time spoiling her wonderful family with love and gifts. You should know, she is now a nana to a bundle of joy. (congrats!)


One of her hobbies includes exercising. She has a membership at a gym, but always forgets to go! Lockdown is the best excuse at these times. 



Meet Amanda!


Amanda is the administration specialist with a decade of successful experience in admin and more recently recruitment. She has worked at Staffordshire University since 2017 and is an outstanding example of our beliefs and values. Amanda specializes at Unitemps in Internal Recruitment, Disability Support and a new project called SAMPID.





She is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace and her personal life.


Amanda loves nothing more than a good Netflix binge, but you can also find her on various beauty websites doing what she does best: shopping!


PS, if you think you have seen Amanda before, you may have as she is an identical twin!



Meet Annie!

Annie went to Staffordshire University and completed her undergrad and masters there, joining the Unitemps Team in January! She is an employment development co-ordinator, focusing on expanding placements and work experience within Unitemps. Annie is a part of the SHSEP project at the university that links Staffordshire SME’S with our talent pool of students to give them key industry experience. Annie also comes from the career’s studio at the University where she worked as a Careers Coach.


You will find Annie online shopping at ASOS nearly every day as this has become her new hobby in lockdown!



Her passion is Cheerleading. Annie has been a competitive cheerleader since she was 8 years old and has now coached the Universities Cheerleading team for the past 4 years!



Meet James!

James joined Unitemps as a Brand Ambassador earlier in 2021. His key roles include supporting the marketing team with content for blogs and socials, developing ways to get roles, and our blogs to the students that need to see them. You may have even been directed here by one of those posts!

James graduated from his Sound Design degree at Staffs and is now doing a Digital Marketing Management masters at Staffs. He just couldn’t bear to leave… #ProudToBeStaffs





If you ever find James away from his home office, then he’s probably behind on his work! On the odd occasion he is likely going for a walk in the Peak District (or somewhere a little bit closer).


James loves nothing more than travelling. His dream is to convert a van for vanlife!