Student Support Services

Unitemps Staffordshire is here to



You can use this support however you find most useful, it is designed to help you achieve your full potential whilst at Staffordshire University.

Your support can help with:

– Motivation and goal-setting
– Mindfulness and relaxation
– Managing expectations about appropriate levels of study.
– Creating appropriate study patterns,
– Finding the tools and mindset to achieve personal academic goals.
– Study-related stress or anxiety management
– Time management, organisational skills and study/exam preparation skills
– Understanding your illness and managing symptoms, signs and triggers


You can use this support however you find most useful, it is designed to help you with your studies and will not give you any extra work to do. 

Your support can help with:

– Structuring essays and other written work
– Critical and reflective thinking and research skills
– Comprehension, summarising, referencing and note-taking
– Developing and implementing proofreading strategies
– Assisting with time management and other academic-related organisational skills
– Examination preparation/revision techniques
– Understanding and implementing feedback from academic staff

“I have had 2 years struggling with university life as a mature student. She has kept me going when I wanted to give up. Been there, when i had nobody else to turn to. Been understanding, caring, sympathetic , encouraging and taught me how to apply psychology to my life. Never telling me what to do, helping me find options and not shouting at me when I fall short. She is the reason I’m still here at university when I felt all was lost.”

Student Testimonals


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Student Testimonial

“It was a blessing to have her as my mentor and enjoyed working with her. Her patience was mind-blowing. I will miss the sessions we had, they were encouraging and motivating. She lifted me up when I was very low, and for that, I will never forget her and bringing me to this final stage.”


We have a great team of support.

Sharon Duckworth, Disability Support Officer

Sharon looks after the Internal Recruitment and Disability Support here at Unitemps. When she’s not allocating mentors and tutors to help talents thrive in their studies, this rave queen rocks the Ibiza club🪩 circuit spreading infectious joy. 🥳 Although her gym membership gathers dust, she keeps her spirits fit with nonstop cheer power!

Sharon D.
Becky Boswell, Disability Support Coordinator
Becky B.

She manages vital tasks of Unitemps from right-to-work checks to answering YOUR questions with pep and precision. Also, She is in charge of administrative monitoring and setting up support for students, concerning the Disability Support aspect of Unitemps.

Before joining the Unitemps Team, she was a Primary School Teacher for 6 years 👩‍🏫. Becky has a 4-year-old son and a Springer Spaniel called Jax, which feels like she is back in a classroom with 30 children.


“It was God given blessing to have him as my study skills tutor and enjoyed working with him. He was patient in guiding me to understand, no matter how long it took. I will never forget his sessions. He was punctual and knowledgeable. If he didn’t understand something because I couldn’t explain properly, he carefully investigated my lecture slides to have a better understanding to guide me, he was very encouraging and motivative. He lifted me up when I was slow and wanted to give up, a time with him unforgettable, and could not have got to the stage without him”